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“The Greatest Threat Our Civilization Faces” says Chief of Staff for EMP Commission; Is North Korea Planning a Strategic Electro Magnetic Pulse Attack on America? What is it and how You can Prepare!


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) The world has been taking note at the rebellious rogue nation of North Korea. According to WND, a new warning is coming from North Korean as a ‘specific plan’ regarding an EMP is being prepared.  Of all the timings that this could take place, it’s important to note that President Trump has been carrying out his 5 Country Asian Tour and recently spoke in South Korea where addressed the General Assembly, and spoke specifically about the realities of North Korea. So, what exactly is an EMP? In general, it stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. Speaking more specifically on the issue, Peter Pry, Chief of Staff for the EMP Commission, spoke to Lou Dobbs about this pressing issue.

When Pry was asked about his certainty on this threat from North Korea, he responded that the EMP Commission has “high confidence” in the matter. Based on North Korea’s most recent test, Pry continues. “…it was launched on trajectory consistent with practicing for EMP, because this missile was not launched for range. It was launched for altitude”. This is not an issue that cannot be overstated. Reportedly, before former President Barack Obama passed on the leadership of the nation to now President Donald Trump, he was told that the biggest issue facing America was North Korea.

In our present culture, we may have forgotten how dependent we have become upon technology, power, and everyday items, like the internet. The Blaze’s ‘For the Record’ entails what effect an EMP attack would have on the United States; “No electricity for a year or more. Computers and other electronics destroyed. Planes falling out of the sky. No clean water. No food. Pandemics. As many as 300 million Americans dead in a year.” The astounding perspective of an EMP attack is the incredible devastation it a. William Forstchen describes how an Electromagnetic Pulse works. “It is generated by detonating a small, actually low-yield, fission bomb approximately 200 – 250 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere.” Once this ‘fission bomb’ is fired, a static discharge then descends upon the surface of the Earth completely wiping out every imaginable form of electronic device. “It can blow out the entire power grid of the United States in one second.” In one second, the entire nation would be cloaked in darkness. No wifi. No internet. No gas. No water purification. Nothing.

What we don’t even recognize is the extreme vulnerability of our nation’s power grid. Most of our transformers that power the power grids are protected by a simple chain-link fence. As NRA News reveals, higher end transformers can cost upwards of $10-20 Million. To add to the complexity of the issue, Peter Pry points out, “in the whole entire world, the global production is less than 200 of these a year; and we have 2,000 of them in our grid”. If this were not daunting enough, these transformers cannot be mass produced. They are only specially made…in two different countries; Germany, and South Korea. “If a terrorist attack were to somehow destroy, even a small number of these transformers, the results would be catastrophic.”

As Peter Pry continues to share his thoughts on the growing concern of an EMP Attack in America, he shares, “it’s the greatest threat our civilization faces right now”. This insight comes amidst his own amount of insight and research into the effects of weapons of mass destruction used around the world; and an EMP Attack is at the top of the list. The question is: why? Pry continues, “it’s the easiest to pull off…with a single nuclear weapon you can destroy this whole country by a high-altitude detonation.” 

When many of us think of a power outage, the memories of an afternoon shortage, or a breaker going out comes to mind. Even with the power out, we unconsciously reach for the light switch expecting the lights to come. Surprisingly, nothing happens. When the reality sets in, we head to the gas station and the grocery story to get extra supplies for the weekend. This may seem like a common response, but, what do you do when the entire nation is experiencing the same reality?

Without power, the ATM’s no longer work. Gas pumps, dependent on electricity, are now rendered useless. Without gas, food trucks cannot replenish grocery stores causing widespread outages in a matter of days. Now what? Traveling? That’s out of the question too because our cars are mostly electronic. Without power, we may assume that life is simply without internet. But, in fact, its much more than that. “If electricity goes down, you’re not back in the 1980’s, pre-web. You’re back in the 1880’s, pre-electric grid.”

Now that we are getting a better comprehension on the vulnerability of our present power grid, and the capabilities of an EMP attack; what would life be like post-EMP attack? When Dr. William Forstchen recently shared on the Jim Bakker Show. He starts by pointing to Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s study on the issue and that “as many as 90% of Americans will die within a year of an EMP attack”. So, what do we do? Dr. Fortschen begins to highlight the priority of needs in a matter of days. Water is the number one issue, as “your clean water supply will disappear within a day.” Now that power is out, and clean water is gone, what about food. Dr. Fortschen states that the average city has approximately 25 days’ worth of food.

With these considerations now becoming a new reality, Dr. Fortschen paints the picture of how wide-spread these issues begin to effect more than we can imagine. “Command and control is gone. There is no police response. Its impossible. The vehicles aren’t running. The radios aren’t running. And, the 3-4% of the population who truly are some bad people, this is their holiday!” He continues, “so we have social breakdown, social chaos, and the big die off starts”. Dr. Forstchen echoes Pry’s estimation of 90% of Americans dying in the first year. “It will be the most catastrophic military event in the history of humanity”.

So, what do you do? It’s important to have a plan in place and not wait for these events to transpire to realize that preparations need to be made. Consider these important G’s: Ground, Gas, Gold, Grub, Guns and God. Ground: it’s important to know your surroundings, and your own residence. Gas: Do you have 90 days of gas for your vehicles? Gold: think creatively about what would be considered valuable as credit cards and checks are obsolete. What can you barter? Grub: Consider having 90 days supplies of food for yourself and your family. Guns: What securities do you have in place? And most importantly; God. Prayer. This is not the last, this is the first step. Our faith and confidence is not in our preparations of food and water, but in the wisdom that the Lord reveals to us in these trying times.

Be informed and encouraged as you see the full report of what is taking place in the world, understanding the full vulnerability that America’s power grid currently faces, what effects and EMP attack can have on America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: North Korea, nuclear attack, President Donald Trump, the Trump administration, Peter Pry, EMP Commission, the Blaze, America’s power grid, Ted Koppel, gamma rays, power outages, terrorist attacks, weapons of mass destruction, Coronal mass ejections, solar flares, nuclear reactors, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and crisis. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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