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Are we on the verge of a Great Awakening?


Describing himself as a ‘father in this generation’, Dutch Sheets brings an encouraging reminder of how God has spoken to him of what is coming in the days ahead. Nearly 6 years ago, Sheets was given a dream from the Lord about the needed battle strategy in order to fight the giants in the land. He was given two boxing gloves, “Evergreen” and “Everlast”. What started in a dream from the Lord, years ago, has resulted in Sheets continual push and a resounding voice of hope to the nation. As Sheets advises, it is vital for us to connect the faith of our founding fathers with the birth of our nation. By looking at what took place at the time of the First Great Awakening, we can be made aware of this reality. Without this, there is trouble ahead. “You have to be blind not to know that America’s in real trouble” states Sheets. 

The armies of the Lord are greater than the armies of darkness and evil. Whose side are we on, and whose side are we choosing to fight for? We can repent for where have turned away from God. We can repent for where we have allowed the enemy to come against and steal the things of God. We can turn back to God. If we choose to be on God’s side, it is the Lord that fights our battles for us. Now is the time to praise Him amidst the face of our enemies, and allow the Lord to receive the glory for what He is going to do. Continue Reading…


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