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‘The Waves (Moves) of God; You can’t Ride every wave,’ Rick Joyner


Rick Joyner continues to bring encouragement when he spoke at the “New Year 2016” Conference. There have been many prophetic words about the coming moves of God that are about to impact the globe. As Joyner shares his wisdom, he states,“There are always many moves of God going on. I like to get a little bit in all of them. I like to experience them. If I hear of something breaking out, I love to go there and experience it. But, I don’t try and ride that wave.” Joyner shares the dangers of getting caught up in everything that is happening, “You can’t ride every move of God, or every wave. You’ll just get confused and get shallow.”  

Each of us has a place that God has orchestrated for us to be fully invested, related, and connected to. If not, we can be a danger to ourselves and others if we are simply going from one gathering to another without remaining faithful to where God has called us. If we are not connected to where God has placed us, then we are going to miss what God has for us. Continue Reading…


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