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CHAIN LINK MIGRATION, FACTS & NUMBERS: Truth, DACA, & Compassion without the Politics



Can you imagine having a fish aquarium and then removing the walls of the aquarium? You would lose everything that the aquarium holds together. This is the same principle of America and its borders. If we have no borders or laws regulating the borders, then the standards and values that are upheld within America will be lost. The topic of immigration into the United States has been a topic of great concern for many. When looking at immigration, do we really understand the processes that are in place? One particular process; chain migration, may open our eyes to how many people are coming into the United States.  

As the Center for Immigration Studies reveals, the numbers of immigrants coming into America may be much larger than we are presently aware of. In addition, the methods as to how immigrants are entering America may surprise you. Director of Policy Studies, Jessica Vaughan, highlights that more than a million immigrants come into America each year. “What most people don’t realize, is that the majority of new immigrants that we take in are coming in, not because of any jobs or skills, but because they were sponsored by relatives who came earlier.” The present sponsor laws in America allow those who have immigrated into America to sponsor others in their immediate and extended family.   Vaughan continues, “in 2015 500,000 people got green cards through the chain migration categories.”   The concern is the effect that this has on more and more people allowing to be “sponsored”. “This has a multiplier effect. Every new immigrant that we admit sponsors an average of three more immigrants through chain migration.” Vaughan shares that changes can be made that would begin to allow immigration based on job skills versus family relations.   It is important that we talk about these processes. The vetting processes that we have in place help us to identify those that are crossing our borders. If you were to walk into a business for employment, you wouldn’t simply begin working. The business would sit down with you and evaluate you to see if you are a good fit to what they are wanting and needing. Immigration is good, but legal immigration is what we are after. We want people to come to America, but we want them to come legally. There is a reason that America is a country made up of laws.   How do you feel about chain migration? It is important that we have a Biblical understanding and perspective about this matter. See the full discussion about America’s borders, the numbers of people that are coming through chain migration, each week, month, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, MS-13, border patrol, DACA, immigration, immigrants, green cards, how do I get my visa? Washington D.C. and football stadiums. Greg and John shared in this segment. Leena Robinson/Shutterstock.com

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