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How Society Treats Children; Impacted by Jesus and Christianity

LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Jesus has called us to transform nations. But, what
does that look like? Bill Bright shared what the Lord rehttps://greglancaster.org/vealed to him, that to transform nations, we must impact and transform all seven Mountains of Culture. When we look at just one aspect, family and children, we can see how Christianity has not only affected the family, but greatly transformed it.
As Impact 360 Institute shares, “in the ancient Greek and Roman world, children were property.” The differing times, to the way we view children today is not comparable. “What we call child abuse today, was considered normal back then.” Jesus transformed how children were viewed by His teachings. By living in accordance to what Jesus taught, Christians began to stand up for children.
When we start pushing God out of family, and out of general morals of thinking, ideas, such as abortion, become accepted practices. Over 50 million children have been aborted from their mother’s womb since the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade. How do you value children? What are your thoughts of how Christianity has affected children? See the full conversation on how we impact society, culture, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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