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“In God, We Trust” Motto BACK IN SCHOOLS LAW, FL State Rep. Kim Daniels

So many victories and breakthroughs are happening throughout the nation that it is difficult to keep up with all that God is doing. One of the recent breakthroughs is a bill that has been presented by Florida Democratic Representative, Kimberly Daniels. According to Charisma News, because of Rep. Daniels’ actions, “every school and administrative building in the state of Florida must prominently display the words “In God We Trust” is now moving through the state’s legislature.”
This is such a joyous moment to recognize. In the previous season, individuals were running for the leadership while proclaiming statements along the lines of ‘religious fundamental beliefs have to change.’ This is not a party issue; this is a righteous issue. God has heard our prayers, and He is responding. We cannot simply sit back and wonder how these events will unfold. We need to get behind our leaders, such as Florida Representative Daniels, call our Senator and Representative, and recommend that they stand behind this bill and vote for it.
It is so encouraging to see how our Educational System is affected by those who want to bring the Bible into our schools. If we don’t like what leadership is doing, we can vote for those who align with the values that are important to us. See the full story of what is taking place in Florida, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Education Mountain, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, State of Florida School System, Representative Kimberly Daniels, House of Representative, the Senate, voting, values, prayer, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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