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Matchmaking of Biblical Proportions? Global Investors and Start-Up Entrepreneurs Gather in Israel’s Capital for Global Investor Summit- OurCrowd

For those in the business world, cities such a Silicon Valley in California, are prime locations for startups and entrepreneurial development. But what about outside of the United States? Next to Silicon Valley, the Jewish State of Israel is known throughout the world for their developments in business and the booming number of start-up companies. The breadth of developments within Israel has effected everything from technology to healthcare.
In most recent events, representatives of more than 90 countries have convened upon the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, to attend a conference held by OurCrowd. As CBN News is reporting, more than 10,000 people have arrived at this event to see first-hand some of the cutting developments that are taking place in Israel. Some of those that are attending are investors wanting to invest their capitol into these businesses. But, as Founder of OurCrowd, Jonathan Medved shares, not everyone can take part in this prestige opportunities.
“OurCrowd is the world’s largest crowdfunding for start-up platforms. It’s for accredited investors, people who have some resources. In the U.S., you have to have 1 Million Dollars in assets outside of your home. But, if you do, you can go to OurCrowd, and you can choose start-ups that you would like to invest in.”
During the event, OurCrowd serves as the matchmaker between these blooming start-ups and interested investors. As CBN’s Chris Mitchell shares, “the summit has exhibits in a number of fields.” From healthcare to cybersecurity, the possibilities are endless as to what can be learned during this event.
Shmuel Herschberg, with Dario Health, has designed cutting edge technology for those with diabetes. With a handheld device, compatible with your smartphone, individuals can manage all of their health information regarding their diabetes, and easily share with their practitioners. He calls it, “the doctor’s office of the future.”
As the concern of identity theft becomes an increasing issue to more and more individuals, Howard Edelstein’s newest development may be the answer you are looking for. We all have unique identifiers such as social security numbers and fingerprints. But, as Chairman of the Board for Biocatch, Edelstein explains how the unique way we hold our phones can identify who we are.
“So, you’ve heard of biometrics; we do behavioral biometrics.” As Edelstein demonstrates how some people fold their arms one way versus another, he states that our preferences are not limited only to how we move, but also who we interact with technology. “You have the same preferences in how you type on the keyboard, how you hold your phone or move your mouse.” The beauty of this technology is its ability to immediately recognize if someone else is attempting to use your identity, even if you were forced to type in your logins. The technology can immediately recognize the criminal the moment preferences are altered.
Not only does this summit provide opportunities for investors to encounter new business ventures, but also the opportunity of meeting other investors, and like-minded individuals. Aryeh Green of Gigawatt Global eloquently describes the heart of OurCrowd. “This is what Israel is about,” He continues, “Israel is about bringing technology, business acumen, good ethical business practices and business and social leadership to the world. Just in the last two or three decades, Israel has proven our ability to transform different sectors, transform societies whether it’s in the non-profit sector of going out and saving lives.”


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