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MS-13 Murder Victim’s Parents Honored and Dishonored at State of the Union

Can you imagine your daughter having an argument with one of her friends? Instead of letting the situation remain as it is, she decides to go to her friend’s house to resolve the issue. After your daughter leaves, this is the last time you see her. While walking with her friend, both of them are savagely beaten and murdered by MS-13 gang members. Our past administration labeled this as the new normal. When President Trump spoke during the State of the Union Address, he not only empathized with the parents, but he is boldly calling for justice.

President Trump not only addressed the rising concern of MS-13 Gangs in America, he also invited the parents, whose daughter was murdered, to the White House. They shared about their invitation to the White House, “he is very genuine, very nice President…I really am happy that I met him”. It is so important that we express compassion and empathy for those that are enduring hard and difficult times.
We are all Americans. We cannot allow the attacks of division and strife in our nation to divide us apart form one another. How do you feel about this? We want to rid ourselves of the demonic activity of MS-13 Gangs, rid our country of this, and the evil acts that are being planted by these events. See the full story about what has taken place because of the loop holes in our immigration, the full comments on these parents’ visit with President Trump, their response to what took place during the State of the Union Address, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: MS-13 gang members, immigration, State of the Union Address, The Trump Administration, President Trump, justice, compassion, empathy, The White House, Fox News, and borders. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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