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Depending on who you cheered for in this year’s Super Bowl, some may still be cheering the victory of the Philadelphia Eagles being the Super Bowl champs. What some may not be aware of, is that the Lord has prophetically revealed that this is the Year of the Eagle. As we consider all that the Lord has prophetically revealed about eagles, and how He uses them, it is no surprise that the Philadelphia Eagles have won this year’s Super Bowl, Super Bowl LII.
For those who watched the game, it was a fantastic duel from start to finish. Moments after the Eagles achieved victory over the Patriots, Philadelphia’s Head Coach, Doug Pederson, gave credit where credit was due. When asked about how Pederson achieved such a notable feat, he shared, ‘I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity.’
But, what some may not be aware of is the encouraging testimonies that were shared before the game even began. During pre-game interviews, Tight End for the Philadelphia Eagles, Zach Ertz shares, “I was baptized in March and got married the next day; and our marriage has been built on that foundation of the Word and Jesus and it’s changed my life.”

Philadelphia’s Quarterback Nick Foles also shared where his strength comes from. “My faith in the Lord is everything…I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. That is first and foremost.” Foles continues, “I wouldn’t be able to do this game without Him. I don’t have the strength to come out here and do this. This is supernatural.” As Foles explains, it’s not about the prosperities of the platform that being an NFL player brings, but instead, to boast in his weaknesses. “Whenever I was at my lowest, that is where my relationship with Christ grew.”

Maybe you are called to impact the Arts & Entertainment Mountain just as these athletes are doing. We want to empower you and equip you to reach out where the Lord has called you to do so. See the full conversation about how these athletes share how the Lord is strength in their lives, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Super Bowl LII, Super Bowl 52, Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles, Doug Pederson, NFL, CBN Sports, Zach Ertz, Nick Foles, encouragement, hope, testimony, Holy Spirit, baptism, and faith. Greg and John shared in this segment. screen capture from youtube.com/NFL

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