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LIBERTY IS BEING USED TO DESTROY LIBERTY! Professor Walter Williams, George Mason University

LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! For those of us in America, we may not fully understand the cost that was embraced by those that fought for America to be birthed. As a professor at George Mason University, Professor Walter Williams shares some incredible insight into the reality of what sets America apart when compared to the long list of other countries throughout history. One of the values that sets America apart, is the value of freedom.


When Professor Williams sat down with Mark Levin, he commented how the very practice of liberty can be used to come against the ideas that liberty stands for. “[People] can use liberty to destroy liberty.” What is additionally intriguing about liberty, is how it has often been used as the launching pad to create the many totalitarian governments that we now see around the world. “They always start out, they are for free speech. That is, because they need free speech to get their foot in the door. But after their foot is in the door, they want to eliminate free speech…and you see this all over the world; and we’re beginning to see this in the United States.”
Understanding how liberty can be used for the ultimate demise of liberty, Professor Williams asks this applicable question to America. “Which way are we moving, tiny steps at a time, are we headed towards more personal liberty, or towards more government control over our lives?” That is a sobering thought.
What are your thoughts? What direction do you see America headed in? See the full conversation and interview with Professor Williams, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Mark Levin, Fox News, George Mason University, Professor Walter Williams, liberty, American liberty, totalitarianism, government control, and freedom. Greg and John shared in this segment.   

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