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Privacy in the Age of Big Data: “Everything online is Hackable,” Author says




Theresa Payton and Ted Claypoole wrote, Privacy in the Age of Big Data, and they say everything is hackable! No matter your intentions you are risking your customer’s information if you put anything online about them. For example, a company put its customer’s psychological profile online, and the company was hacked. All the psychological profiles were hacked!

A cashless society is coming, and this is the perfect type of economy for the mark of the beast. Everything will be hackable and trackable! Once your information is online, it doesn’t go away! Another way you are tracked is through search engines, 60% of people who use search engines do not go past the first page, and 90% of people don’t go past the third page. When you have an app on your phone, and it asks to reveal your location, every ten minutes it sends your location back to that company. You are saying you can track me wherever you are at! We need to live our life in a way that leads others to Jesus. Because we are the Lord’s if we do sin, we can confess our sins and are forgiven. Christians aren’t sinless they are forgiven. We need the fear of God knowing God sees all and knows all versus only worrying about what people think about us! Also shared in this segment: privacy, freedom, security, technology, Google, psychological profiles, and Target. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

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Privacy in the Age of Big Data
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