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WATCH! Four Reason Israel will Not Need the United States , Perry Stone, Billions of Dollars Spent in America; Pres. Trump Meets Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince in Oval Office





We hear from Perry Stone as he shares four reasons why Israel won’t need America anymore! In 2016 America was headed off a cliff but only through the mercy of God did things turn around in America. The shift happened when President Donald Trump called Prime Minister Netanyahu and made America right with Israel. When God wants to discipline a nation, God will cause that nation to turn away from Israel. God is the only One Who gives us the ability to prosper, and with the turn in America’s economy, it had to do with America turning back to Israel. What would happen if Israel doesn’t need America anymore?

Perry Stone shares that in four years Israel will no longer be dependent on America. Perry Stone heard this information from a well-known professor. The first reason is that Israel will turn everything away from the gas fields to natural gas. The second reason is technology, Israel now has their own geniuses, and they are creating their own technology. In 2006 Energy companies were in the top 10 companies and in 2016 just ten years later technology companies are in the top 10 companies. The third reason military equipment will soon be bought from other nations and Israel will have their own military equipment. They will be able to come up with their own ideas for laser-guided missiles etc. The fourth reason is the medical breakthrough that is happening in Israel! They have a treatment for diabetes and Alzheimers. Israel has cures for disease, but they don’t think they will be allowed to bring that to America because pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money and having cures for disease would stop their income. 

Genesis 12:2 says, “And I will make you (Israel) a great nation, and I will bless you [abundantly], and make your name great (exalted, distinguished); and you shall be a blessing [a source of great good to others].”

Through all that Perry Stone shared we see that Israel is a blessing to the nations! We want to hear from you and what you think about Israel being independent of America. Also shared in this segment: Driverless Cars, Elon Musk, VFNKB, Generals. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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SAUDI’s SPEND $30+ Billion Dollars CREATES 40,000 JOBS IN AMERICA-Pres. Trump Meets Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince in Oval Office

President Donald Trump set a new agenda for the world, and one way he helped was by restoring America’s relationship with the new crown prince from Saudi Arabia. Because of President Trump restoring this alliance, billions of dollars will be invested into America from Saudi Arabia.

In this meeting, President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman discussed the renewed relationship between Saudi Arabia and America. President Trump shares that Saudi Arabia became a great friend and they have purchased equipment and stock from America. And now hundreds of billions of dollars are coming back to the United States. Saudi Arabia is buying airplanes, vehicles, tanks and other equipment from the U.S. which this means over 40,000 jobs will be opened in the U.S.! Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman says, “More than 80 years of alliance (with America) …President Trump has received 400 billion dollars from artillery…. we planned this for the next ten years, but this has happened in the first year.” President Trump continues, “Zero tolerance for the funding of terrorists… Saudi Arabia has been working very hard on this.”

Hearing from the new Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, we see that Saudi Arabia has wanted to help America all along and to also help with the war in the Middle East. Prince Faisal Bin Farhan Al Saud, a Saudi advisor, was on Fox News talking about the relationship with America and how it was strained. “Saudi Arabia has always been keen in playing its role in the region and in partnership with the U.S., so I think we are more than ready to cooperate with the United States on countering ISIS in Syria, in Iraq, across the region.” As the Prince continues, he elaborates on just how detailed Saudi Arabia is committed to partnering with the United States. “Not just financially, but the Saudi government offered, in the Obama Administration’s time, to send its troops into Syria to fight ISIS. That was not met with enthusiasm by the Obama Administration.” He continues to elaborate how their willingness has not changed now that there is new leadership in charge. “I think that offer remains on the table, and I’m sure we’re more, with the Saudi Government, is more than ready to support the U.S. in eradicating ISIS. But, as I said, not just financially, but actually with its own troops and with its own people.” This relationship was strained during the Obama administration. Now with President Trump in office close to 100% of the territory ISIS-held has been captured. “That is coming to an end,” says President Trump. “We will be able to get out of parts of the country we have been wanting to get out of.”  

Things are shifting everywhere! ISIS was in many countries, Christians were being persecuted, our Nation’s people were being beheaded. Now great wealth is coming to our country, and ISIS is almost completely gone. What a turn around! We want to hear from you! Maybe you were discouraged, but now this segment encouraged you, let us know! Also shared in this segment: Safe Zones, Oil, Fuel, Hope. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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