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Home » Setting Women & Children Free from Sex Trafficking-Amanda’s Story: Exodus Cry

Setting Women & Children Free from Sex Trafficking-Amanda’s Story: Exodus Cry



Exodus Cry is a ministry that works to release people who are taken, and sex trafficked. We read Amanda’s story today on how she was saved from sex trafficking. Her experience is described as how terrible it was to be a sex slave. Exodus Cry’s goal is to rescue 1000 girls and women in Brazil.  Liberdade is the name of this rescue mission and Exodus Cry has partnered with people in Brazil to raise up 12 houses of prayer to pray forth this rescue. Stand with VFNKB as we support Exodus Cry to rescue those imprisoned in sex slavery. Also, when you stand with VFNKB you are standing with the underground railroad who are ex-Navy seals and ex-CIA agents who go in physically to rescue those enslaved in sex slavery. Then there is a ministry Orphan Justice, which ministers to those who are rescued. They integrate them back into a normal life and speak life into them and educate them to do jobs that they want to do. There is nothing more powerful then finding out when you are saved and set free by Jesus Christ that we are sons and daughters of God. We want to hear from you. Also shared in this segment: IHOP, Aaron Leatherdale, Cosmetologist, Job, Child of God, Sonship, Mission. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

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