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Prophesy: I will Begin to Redeem the Media Airwaves



A prophetic word is shared by Bill Yount that God will begin to redeem the media and the airwaves in 2017. Bill shared this word with Greg as he was on a sabbatical to seek and hear the voice of God and to hear what was in store for the year 2017. God answered with the prophetic word. “I sense there’s something in the air. It’s as though heaven is descending a little lower to earth. The “prince of the power” of the air is being divinely “interfered with” and massively interrupted. I heard heaven proclaim. “The time has come to redeem the airwaves covering the earth and begin to impact the media to become a conduit to pour out My Spirit upon all flesh! I then saw angels begin to anoint satellite stations and dishes above the earth. And on the earth angels were descending upon huge television and radio towers. Great heavenly broadcasting interference was about to come upon the earth. Angels were being assigned to billboards, newspapers and nationwide magazines. Even addresses of “pornographic empires” were being given to angels for assignments. Anything the angels could get their hands on was about to be used to noise and alert people about the coming of a great outpouring of God’s Spirit and love coming to earth. Computer online services would feel the weight of God’s Glory impacting them.”

The voice of God has placed VFNKB, with the daily television program, in a place to be heard across all nations and we are now reaching over 100 countries around the world. Be encouraged with this time that is here and how the things on this earth are shifting back to God. Also, shared in this segment: CNN, MSNBC, media, false reporting, Baal’s prophets, and News Anchors. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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