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Home » President Trump and Governor Mike Huckabee Discuss Lowest Unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics Ever

President Trump and Governor Mike Huckabee Discuss Lowest Unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics Ever



At the time of the Presidential elections for President Donald Trump God showed Greg that President Trump would be President of the United States. God also revealed prophetically to Brianna Bolender in a dream the impact that President Trump would have on the African American community. In this dream, she was walking with President Trump, one of his advisors, and a young African American man, in what appeared to be a large store, like a Sam’s Club. “As we’re going through the aisles, each aisle was an issue. Like taxes and poverty.” She continues to share how, what appeared to be a national poll on past presidents, was at the end of one aisle. “They had done this nationwide poll of something to the effect of ‘what administration did you [the African American Community] feel the most represented or edified’.” As she describes how she saw the results of the poll, she could see the name of Obama overwhelmingly circled. She continues, “you could tell that this poll had been done before because [Bill] Clinton’s name was there and those who had selected  Clinton before scratched that out and circled Obama.” It was then that the young, energetic African American man who had been walking and talking the entire time said this revealing statement. “You see, they felt they were edified or represented by this Administration. But, the truth is, they lost their identity in that Administration.” God is responding to the injustice that has been happening in America. 

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, interviews President Trump and they talk specifically about the positive changes that have taken place in the African American community in America. Huckabee states that the “Highest number of people among minorities, have jobs, in the history of the U.S.” President Trump responds with great news! “Black and Hispanic have the best unemployment they have ever had, in recorded history.” This is the lowest unemployment ever in America’s history for minorities! This is not man’s doing; only God can do what is taking place. God is answering our prayers we have prayed for years. Jobs have now come back to America and those in other countries who want to work and to have income have more opportunity if they come to America. America now has more jobs than we have people trained to fill those jobs. God is saying, I have heard your prayers, and now I am answering them.

If you desire to hear from God and have dreams and visions from Him. We have a free plan for you at iAbide; people all over the world are getting this free plan every day. Take advantage of this and get your free abiding plan today! We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment, Pakistan, Industry, Revenue, Debt, Chuck Pierce. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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An Exclusive Interview with President Donald Trump (Full Interview) | Huckabee
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