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Home » Bishop Harry Jackson Responds to Haters and Those who Attacked his and other African American Pastors Motives for Meeting with President Trump

Bishop Harry Jackson Responds to Haters and Those who Attacked his and other African American Pastors Motives for Meeting with President Trump



President Donald Trump met with African American pastors from all over America which is very encouraging because the Church is being heard! We appreciate all the pastor’s representing the Church at the White House. Rasmussen reported that President Trumps approval ratings among black voters is now at 29% and this time last year is was at 15%. This is great news! Bishop Harry Jackson is interviewed on CBN News, after his and the other pastor’s, meeting with President Trump. Unfortunately, people have responded with hatred to this meeting and have said terrible things about these great men and women who have stood up boldly for God, for those who need help and have stood up for what is right. Bishop Jackson responds to those that have said and done these terrible things.

He first comments on what Pastor Jamal Bryant has said which Pastor Bryant didn’t feel that the pastor’s pressed the president on current issues. Bishop Jackson says that he loves Pastor Bryant, but he got it wrong this time. “What he doesn’t understand is that you can’t be a prophet to the culture while you’re standing outside of the room, many of the people who came into that meeting knew they would be misunderstood, disrespected, lied on, talked about, but they came anyway because the needs of the people, especially returning citizens, are so important. I believe this is the greatest civil rights issue of our generation. The overcriminalization of minorities and what are we the church gonna advocate for?”

Bishop Jackson’s next comments are concerning the meeting only being a “photo op”. “They don’t understand that I’ve been talking about 15 months about these issues. They don’t understand that I cried and prayed and fasted that God would move on the hearts of these leaders in this administration. They want to diminish my heart and my spirituality and they just don’t understand that if this stuff is going on in America is gonna get fixed, we’re gonna have to call on supernatural, biblical authority to break the chains that bind, and break the curse of generational poverty on blacks and Hispanics in our nation. So, my heart is to see America blaze in the glory of God. My heart is, I don’t care what people say about me, but can Jesus use me? Can He move in our nation?” He is emotional as he talks, “Forgive me, my heart is a little bit touched today.” This is so powerful!

Concerning Bishop Jackson’s comment stating that his heart is to see America ablaze in the glory of God matches what Pastor John Kilpatrick, pastor of Church of His Presence, has said. Pastor Kilpatrick, shares a prophetic word that Dr. Yonggi Cho gave. God said to Dr. Cho, first I will pour out My Spirit on Pensacola, Florida, “It will burn like a matchhead, bright, and it will be powerful…then it will go over to the Mississippi River and it’ll back up across Florida again; come down into the Peninsula Florida, go up the East Coast, down to the West and Southwest, shoot out the Northwest; and before My coming all of America will be ablaze with the Glory of God.”

We want to hear from you concerning this and what you think about it! Bishop Jackson had a great response concerning terrible things that have been said and we can see that he truly cares for and loves America. You can write to us at Greg and John shared in this segment.

Courtesy of CBN News

Pastor John Gray, Bishop Harry Jackson, Others Accused of ‘Uncle Tomming’ in Trump Meeting, Their Response Is Powerful
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