Home Faith February 2018 Prophecy: President Trump; Best President for African Americans Fulfilled! African American Pastors Meet with Pres. Trump at the White House- Part 3

February 2018 Prophecy: President Trump; Best President for African Americans Fulfilled! African American Pastors Meet with Pres. Trump at the White House- Part 3



These are exciting days! We continue the conversation with part three, where pastors met with President Donald Trump at the White House. We are seeing historical events take place, with unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians, is at the lowest ever in our history! And for women it is as a 66-year low! Great things are taking place in America and God is answering our prayers.

Pastor Sharon Nesbitt is the next pastor to speak. She is the Senior Pastor of Dominion Church in Marion, Arkansas. “I wanted to say thank you for your policies on prison reform and urban initiatives. As you know, Arkansas has one of the largest prison rates in the country.  So, thank you for getting us back to the table, and for your faith-based initiatives to let us come to the table.” It is very encouraging to see pastor’s caring for the prison reform! Thank you, Pastor Nesbitt for representing the Church at the White House!

Next is Bishop Darrell Hines, of Christian Faith Fellowship Church of God in Christ, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “I serve on the general board of the Church of God in Christ, where we have a five-point, faith-based initiative for inner city reform.  And, of course, prison is one of them. And so, I appreciate, first of all, being invited to the table.  It’s an interesting thing because I was watching news I watch news all the time.  And I saw you on the news this was just last week.  And I said, “You know, I would love to go and have him hear me.”  But I said, “I don’t know how that’s possible.  I don’t know anybody who I think who knows him. And then I get the call from…I get it(call) from Marvin, Jr.  He calls me, and he says, “Listen, I want you to go with me to the White House.” And I think the most interesting thing about this moment is that we hear several things, but to know you hear us is an encouraging moment.  And I want to thank you for taking this time to invite us to the White House, and then taking the time to hear us concerning our concerns in our community and in our faith, because they both need the ear of the President. So thank you.” Thank you, Bishop Hines for representing the Church at the White House!

Reverend William “Bill” Owens makes his remarks next. He is the founder and President of the Coalition of African American Pastors. “I’m honored to be here with you today.  We’ve met several times.  Thank you, Dr. Scott, for the invitation and Paula White to be here.  And we are with you, 100 percent. I’m with Bishop Hines and the Church of God in Christ.  We are all in it together.  So, we will work together to make the difference.” Dr. Alveda King remarks that Reverend Owens marched with her Uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you Reverend Owens for representing the Church at the White House!

Next, we hear from Pastor Mike Freeman, of Spirit of Faith Christian Center, in Washington, D.C. “This is a very critical time that we’re in.  One of the things I remember the most and recall about a statement you made when you were running, you said if you were able to win the White House, that Christians would have a friend in the White House. I was really eager to find out whether or not that word would be kept as such.  To be sitting here with you today, as a representative of the Christian community, it is so wonderful.  I’m elated to know, first of all, that you’re a man of your word.  Secondly, you have an ear to hear from God.  With your having an ear to hear from God, this country is in great hands. My prayer for you is that your ear will always be open to the wisdom and the spirit of God.  And I’m praying for you constantly, and everything I pray for comes to pass. God bless you.” Pastor Freeman thank you for expressing how much of the Church is feeling about President Trump!

Bishop Dale Bronner makes his remarks next. He is Senior Pastor and founder of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, in Atlanta, Georgia. “We’ve been doing business there in Atlanta for all of these years and employing people.  So, thank you so much.  I love the stimulation that I see in the economy now.  It is the best that it has been in so many, many years. And I’m so deeply, deeply grateful for all the prison reform initiatives that I see underway that is exciting and enthralling to me as well as the urban initiatives that will help minority communities around this country.  Thank you so much for your boldness and your courage to do to make great things happen.  And you’re making them happen.” Thank you Bishop Bronner for representing the Church at the White House!

Bishop Harry Jackson speaks next, he is the Senior Pastor at Hope Christian Church, in Beltsville, Maryland. “First of all, I really feel called to pray for you.  And the year before you as you ran, I felt that burden; I felt that feeling that you were going to win.  And I’m so very thankful, as he said, that you’re so open. Criminal justice reform is so critical because it prevents many African Americans and Hispanics from becoming a permanent underclass. And I think the opportunities-owned concepts that you’re working with are critical because it brings green power.  We really don’t need black power unless you got some green power working with that black power. It brings green power to our urban areas.  So, I believe we can break the generational curse of poverty and people who are isolated, and it’s because of your boldness. And despite all that’s been coming against you, you’ve stood your ground and you’ve been a champion.  God bless you, sir.” Bishop Jackson thank you for representing the Church at the White House!

Pastor John Gray, Senior Pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, makes his remarks next. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be at this table at a time in our country where faith is becoming a bit of a dinosaur.  In a time of moral relativism and secular humanism, it is refreshing to know that those of us who have committed our lives to fighting for people who cannot fight for themselves have a seat at the table to share our hearts. I believe that the very best principles of scripture call us to fight for the poor, for the oppressed, for those who have made mistakes.  Criminal justice reform is an opportunity to give a second and third chance to those who want to become productive members of society.  Our nation cannot forget the broken.  It is in the best tradition of our nation to fight for them. And when I think about the history of the church in this country, we have always fought for those who could not fight for themselves.  So, when I think of those who are coming out of prison who want to contribute, this is critical. When I think of veterans I have here the obituary of my uncle who passed away a few weeks ago.  He was 77.  He was a veteran in the U.S. Army and he battled through mental illness and other challenges.  And we saw systemic poverty multi-generational poverty.  But had he been resourced with the proper care and had he been resourced with other necessities, he could have contributed even more. And so, I’m very grateful for you, for this administration that’s allowing for the conversation.  And again, my prayer is that you will continue to have wisdom and insight to lead this nation.  Truly, all of us are created equal.  And so, thank you for giving us an equal opportunity to fight for this nation and what it means to be an American.” Thank you, Pastor Gray for representing the Church at the White House!

We want to hear from you! If you are associated with any of these Church’s get in touch with us! You can write to us at friends@greglancaster.org. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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President Trump Meets with Inner City Pastors
Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Inner City Pastors  
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