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Home » Prophetic Word Fulfilled! Pres. Trump is the Most Pro-Black President We have had in our Lifetime, Pastor Darrell Scott

Prophetic Word Fulfilled! Pres. Trump is the Most Pro-Black President We have had in our Lifetime, Pastor Darrell Scott



In February 2018, Brianna Bolender had a prophetic dream concerning President Trump and how he would be the best representative for African Americans. She shared her dream at Vine Fellowship Network Dream Center, and we are now seeing this dream come to pass! In this dream, she was walking with President Donald Trump, one of his advisors, and a young African American man, in what appeared to be a large store, like a Sam’s Club. “As we’re going through the aisles, each aisle was an issue. Like taxes and poverty.” She continues to share how, what appeared to be a national poll on past presidents, was at the end of one aisle. “They had done this nationwide poll of something to the effect of ‘what administration did you [the African American Community] feel the most represented or edified.’” As she describes how she saw the results of the poll, she could see the name of Obama overwhelmingly circled. She continues, “you could tell that this poll had been done before because [Bill] Clinton’s name was there and those who had selected  Clinton before scratched that out and circled Obama.” It was then that the young, energetic African American man who had been walking and talking the entire time said this revealing statement. “You see, they felt they were edified or represented by this Administration. But, the truth is, they lost their identity in that Administration.” God is responding to the injustice that has been happening in America and told us it would happen. “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 God revealed His plan before it happened and now we see this prophetic dream unfolding as President Trump met with African American pastor’s from around the nation.

Pastor Darrell Scott, of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, speaks at the White House and confirms the prophetic dream that Brianna Bolender had. “I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with then-candidate, now President Trump, and to observe him behind the scenes and have a number of personal conversations with him. And people ask me why do I defend him so vociferously.  And I say it’s easy for me to do it because I know him, and he’s shown me his heart, and I know he has a heart for all Americans. And I will say this: This administration has taken a lot of people by surprise.  And it’s going to surprise you guys even more, because this is probably the most proactive administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime.  And I’ll be 60 years old in December. But when I think back on well, I mean, I use good hair dye. And I’ve got a great makeup artist. But, to be honest, this is probably going to be the and I’m going to say this at this table the most pro-black President that we’ve had in our lifetime because and I try to, you know, analyze the people that I encounter.  This President actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community. The last President didn’t feel like he had to.  He felt like he didn’t have to prove it.  He got a pass.  This President is this administration is probably going to be more proactive regarding urban revitalization and prison reform than any President in your lifetime. If we work together, give him a chance.  Don’t pay any attention to these guys back here. (pointing to the media) And I’ll promise you, we will do something that, we will, this administration will continue to make history.  It’s going to be a lot of positive changes.  Great things are on the horizon, I promise.” This is confirming and powerful, thank you Pastor Scott for representing the Church!

This is not man’s doing! This is God doing this great act of justice in America! These are great days for the Church! We can be the light and be powerful for the Kingdom of God! We want to hear from you! Greg and John shared in this segment.

Black Pastor STUNS: Trump Most ‘Pro-Black President’ in Lifetime
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