Home Crisis Prophetic Alert: if America doesn’t stay on our Current Paths Religious Persecution coming to Christians in Three years says Prophet Chuck Pierce

Prophetic Alert: if America doesn’t stay on our Current Paths Religious Persecution coming to Christians in Three years says Prophet Chuck Pierce



We have much to be grateful for as there are good changes taking place in the United States and these positive changes are helping the world as well. Unfortunately, in China, the Church is under great persecution with crosses being taken down and burning Bibles and as all this is happening the government is denying their part in these tragedies that are taking place. Chuck Pierce gives a prophetic word stating that if America doesn’t stay on her current path, then we will be facing the same persecution.

“We just received a notice from China about the persecution that is going on governmentally…” Chuck remarks about three books that he wrote about what would happen in the Church prophetically. He wrote that in 2018 the Church would again be persecuted in China. He says how he saw the Church in China they were the future model of the Church for all to see. “The warning for nations to understand…that within three years after China started this, America would be prone to do it.”

Brian, a colleague of Chuck, shares the information that was sent to them from China. “Over a thousand crosses have been taken down by the police. They are now doing so province by province. A declaration to denounce Christian faith has been sent out to churches.”

Chuck continues, “The key to Donald Trump being in office has nothing to do with his character or anything like that. God chooses whom He will. He chose him to be in there to realign the world with the Bible and decree that Jerusalem would be the capital of Israel. That realigns the whole world with the Bible. The second thing God put him in there were for the judges and the justice system…the third thing was our economy which was being moved. You have to remember we are not democratic or republican anymore. We are capitalist and socialist and socialists really have an incredible plan to control us and to control the economy and wealth of the future…if we don’t keep moving the way we are moving in America, which started three years ago, what will happen is persecution will come, and controls will be put on religious freedom here within the next three years. I want to encourage you, keep standing, keep praying, keep decreeing these are critical times!”

We are just now dipping our toes in a righteous path, and we can see where our nation has come from. Your faith can get weak when you have nothing to hope for. You must have hope again! Enter back into a fresh time with God and get hope again. You can get help with a free plan to help you get back into quiet time with God at iAbide. Know that God cares, and all you need to do is connect your faith again with God. Be encouraged that God is establishing justice in America. Keep praying and seeking God! We want to hear from you. You can write to us at friends@greglancaster.org. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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A Key Alert for Now! Watch China!
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