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Nancy Pelosi’s District Going to “Crap,” Literally



Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi represents the city of San Francisco, California. She is one of the biggest fundraisers in Congress but from what has been reported her city has gotten so dirty that humans are defecating on the streets. It has gotten so bad to the point that the city has $12 million in their budget to hire people to pressure wash the streets and sidewalks of human feces.

To help combat this problem Sean Miller created an app for a smartphone named, SnapCrap. He made this app so that residents in San Francisco can take a picture of the feces and send it along with the location to the city’s information line. Then they can dispatch someone to clean it up which they are being called the ‘poop patrol.’ Congresswoman Pelosi is trying to change things in our country while her city is falling apart. You can walk down the street, and you will see people defecating on the street.

This is horrible, and we need to pray for this city! A good question is to ask is where does your city stand? It is important for your city to stand for God. Greg shares how he visited San Francisco, but he saw how it is a dirty city. It is the local government that needs to make changes to clean this city up. If you are a part of this district contact Congresswoman Pelosi and ask for a change to come! We want to hear from you; you can write to us at friends@greglancaster.org. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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