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WATCH! The Enemy Only Attacks Your Future and Even that has a Shelf Life; Pastor John Kilpatrick; Abortion Worker Suggest “Flushing” Baby in Toilet if born at home



The Enemy Only Attacks Your Future and Even that has a Shelf Life; Pastor John Kilpatrick

Many times, we may worry about the enemy attacking us, but Pastor John Kilpatrick of Church of His Presence gives us a new perspective on the attack of the enemy and encouragement that the attack will end!

Pastor Kilpatrick is speaking on The Jim Bakker Show as he shares this wisdom with us. “Satan’s attack against you will always be in regard to your future, not your past. Your past is done, you have already lived your past…but the future is why the devil will attack you because he sees your future path…”

He shares how one day he was worn out and weary during the Brownsville Revival. Some of the people whom he had loved and respected and even supported their ministries were the very ones who were being used by the devil to attack him and Steve Hill“I said to the Lord I am so weary of attack and being attacked by people that I love and people that don’t even really know me…I said Lord how long is this going to last?” The Lord’s response to Pastor Kilpatrick was something he would never forget; He said that just how you can go in a grocery store and see a date on the items that you purchase, and the date tells us when the item expires is how the attack of the enemy is. The Lord continues speaking to him, “Every attack that you go through has a shelf life. Every attack that the devil brings against you is not open-ended; it will not last forever. It has a shelf life, and when that shelf life is up, times up, things are going to change and start evolving for the better.”

Pastor Kilpatrick shares how every attack will have a different time frame; his attacks during the revival were around two years in length. During a time where he was completely worn out and weary again from one of these attacks, Brother David Ravenhill came to him and said, “Brother John I want to tell you like my daddy Leonard Ravenhill told me, you never come into your fullest anointing until you go through your greatest attack.  I promise you this is going to work in your favor.”

Pastor Kilpatrick continues, “But, what I thought was going to destroy the Church, actually was fuel. It didn’t destroy it whatsoever, as a matter of fact, it didn’t even turn it. That thing had gotten so much momentum it began to leapfrog into greater and greater things. The crowds grew, the miracles grew, and the presence of God grew. So, don’t be discouraged, I don’t care what you are going through, and I don’t care what the devil intends to destroy, and he means it for evil. God will take that thing and use it for fuel to bless you. Be encouraged today!” 

Greg and John talk about how real the glory of God was in the Brownsville Revival. Greg describes it as an electrical current that would come as the glory of God got stronger. It could turn a person’s joints to rubber which would make it hard to stand in the presence and glory of God. While at the same time people in the Church were being set free from sin, and many salvations took place. It was a powerful time that they were able to experience.

When you are in the middle of an attack, hold on and don’t give up! Trust God through this time and don’t allow the enemy to twist things to cause you to perceive your future differently because you don’t want your future to be messed up when you come out of the attack. Survive the time! Hold your post and just be who you are.

Greg wrote a book I Will Fight which will help give you strategies for success through the hard times that we face. It is free! We just ask that you pay shipping and handling. You can order here today! We want to hear from you! Maybe you are going through a time of the attack. Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Also, you can listen to our podcast anytime! Please subscribe here and rate us so that many others can hear about events in the world from a Biblical perspective. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Abortion Worker Suggest “Flushing” Baby in Toilet if born at home?

An abortionist organization confirms that they are supporting the killing of children after they are born. This is taking place right now in New York. Abortion has been happening for a long time as we saw in the days of Moses and even Jesus, but the enemy could not win! God is ending abortion in America which is why many that support abortion are panicking. Something awesome is about to happen in this generation which is why abortion is such a prominent thing, but the enemy will not win!

Live Action went undercover and is talking at an abortion clinic to an employee in New York about what she should do if her baby is born alive at home or in the clinic. They start talking about when the baby is born alive the abortion clinic will put the baby in a jar with a solution to kill the baby. The abortion worker said, “Once you start this today, that’s it. You’re not gonna see it (the baby), we’re not gonna show you your sonogram pictures…”

The undercover woman asks, “So (what) if I feel like I’m having, like, labor pain kinda thing.” The abortion worker says to call their office not the hospital. But if the baby is born at home, she says to flush the baby down the toilet! She also says that if the baby is born on the ground just to put it in a bag and bring the baby to the clinic.

If a baby is born at home, you need to call the hospital and try to keep the baby alive! What is happening in America is sacrifices to the god moloch! Many people are selfish and don’t want to care for another human being and don’t want the consequences of their actions. This innocent bloodshed in our nation has cursed our land because the blood has stained our land. Blood has a voice, and even the blood of Abel is crying out today!

“The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” Genesis 4:10

We ask God to end abortion at the end of every VFNtv program because we believe that until that happens, there cannot be a third great awakening. We are seeing where the ending of abortion is happening in our nation! We have President Donald Trump who is pro-life and many others who are standing up for life.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant recently signed into law the Heartbeat Bill! Which means that once a heartbeat is detected the baby can’t be aborted! This is an answer to many people’s prayers, and we must continue to pray for abortion to be banned in all states. We want to hear from you. What do you think about this? Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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