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WATCH! China Just Four Years Away from Celebrating 100 Years of Communism and they have Serious GLOBAL Plans



China Just Four Years Away from Celebrating 100 Years of Communism and they have Serious GLOBAL Plans

Did you know that America’s economy is twice the size as China, but China’s population is twice the size of America? President Xi Jinping has serious plans for China to become the leading country in the world.

Wang Yiwei, with Renmin University in Beijing, talks about China being a superpower with DW Documentary. “We hate the idea of Super Powers.  China is probably already an economic superpower, but we are not an ideological superpower.  We don’t interfere with the affairs of other countries.  We value diversity and the rule of law.  We have a different ideology unlike the America Christian mentality which is always seeking to convert everyone else.” Communism doesn’t end well for anyone. In China, businesses are under communism because the government owns all the businesses. Cheng Enfu, with Academy of Social Sciences, shares that there are three directives that President Xi has for China: “First, leadership of the international. Secondly, the creation of a new international order including economical, political, and military order…Thirdly, the leadership of the international community to create common economic, political, and territorial security, etc. As well as the management of a fair globalization process.” There are 1.3 billion people on the earth and China’s military is comprised of 1 million people! This is a huge country with a huge economic power and they have a huge vision and it sounds much like Revelation 13:16-18,  It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” There is a developing system happening and this is not for us to be fearful but to be prepared.

President Xi’s goal for the three directives is to have it in place by 2021. China has what is called an Orwellian state being built. Greg had a dream concerning the mark of the beast and he shares that dream. “I was working for a company like everyone else.  It was like we were in those office pod type settings in a large office space.  There was a whole bunch of us.  We all were gathering a whole bunch of “data” personal information on people. I was thinking, “This is not right.  This is that total control of everything.”  Just personal information like… that I would assume, like social security numbers, just everything that was all their identities and stuff, what they did and everything about them. Then there was a break, we all had some sort of bulletin board, something we could write on.  It was like mine was Styrofoam. I wrote on mine “And the number of his name was 666” talking about the beast economy.  The dream ended.”  The beast that is rising, that is talked about in Revelation, does not have to be an animal. It can be a city, a nation, a person, etc. and it could be China. We need to stay thankful for the leadership we have in America.

The deadline for President Xi’s centennial goal is the year 2021, that goal is to “Build a moderately prosperous society for at least a billion Chinese.” If you look at the maps that China uses, they like to occupy the center nations. The U.S.A. and Europe are on the margins with China in the center. China is building its presence on the world’s political stage, and its foreign policy has become very dynamic. President Xi has now launched the “New Silk Road” and is pushing China’s currency to the world market. China is using their plans to finance and to provide labor to build railways, ports, highways and even airports in dozens of countries to the west of China. China is taking the opportunity that is in struggling countries and they are repairing their cities. The president’s plan is to take China to the top! This giant is rising.

As stated previously an Orwellian state is being built in China. According to DW Documentary, “China is a world leader on the electronic battlefield…transforming the internet of China into the world’s largest intranet. A solid electronic wall surrounds the country and sets limits on the electronic freedom of China’s 750 million internet users. Foreign internet giants who refuse to accept China’s terms and conditions are shut out.” With this intranet that China has, only those they want to have access will have access. Also, you must have a smart phone if you want to do anything in China and due to all of the tracking and surveillance that is being done “the Orwellian surveillance state is being built right here in China.” A system has been built that will be mandatory for everyone to be a part of. It is called Sesame Credit. As described on Wikipedia, Sesame Credit is a private credit scoring system developed by Ant Financial Services Group (AFSG), an affiliate of the Chinese Alibaba Group. It uses data from Alibaba’s services to compile its score. Customers receive a score based on a variety of factors based on social media interactions and purchases carried out on Alibaba Group websites or paid for using its affiliate Ant Financials’ Alipay mobile wallet. The rewards of having a high score include easier access to loans from Ant Financial and having a more trustworthy profile on e-commerce sites within the Alibaba Group.” The plan for Sesame Credit is to make it mandatory by the year 2020. Extra Credits shared on how the Sesame Credit system works, “Having a high score gives you special benefits, like making it easier to get the paperwork you need to travel or making it easier to get a loan. Now, currently there is no consequences about having a low score, but there’s been talk about implementing penalties once the system becomes mandatory in 2020. Penalties like slower internet speeds, for low scoring citizens, or even restricting the jobs that a low scoring person is allowed to hold…. because this is all part of a social network, it also scans your friends; so you will lose your points for having friends with low obedient scores; and it tells you this. At any point, anybody can check anyone else’s score, and when you check your own score, Sesame Credit provides a hand map of your friends to show who is dragging your score down….” This is less than two years away! We need to pay attention and be ready and of sober mind. We must keep praying because great revival is coming to the world. We want to hear from you, you can email at friends@greglancaster.org. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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