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God Gets WHITE HOUSE for 24 YEARS!  2 TERMS for President Trump, Pence & One More!




God is doing so many amazing things in America! We have been given prophetic words about great things happening at the White House!

Kat Kerr is speaking on Elijah’s List program and shares a prophetic word concerning God and the White House. Kat shares how God showed her that President Trump would be president and her advice to those that are coming against him and trying to stop him is, “You better step back because this is God’s time and He chose who He wanted, and He has not forgotten him. He is not going to let up on what He is doing with him, and no one will win. And in this election, they won’t win that either; He will…Trump is going to be here for eight years, Pence for eight years, and then the one Pence picks…The Father is saying this, for 24 years we will have God in that White House.”

Greg shares his prophetic dream that God showed him that President Donald Trump would be president before the elections in 2016.

On October 3, 2016, the Lord spoke to me in a night vision, dream, showing me that Donald Trump would be our next president.  He showed me that President Obama would invite him to the White House and help him with his transition.  He showed me how President Obama would be kind and helpful in the transition of power of the presidency from him to President Trump. He also showed me that President Obama would spend his last days in offense speaking about his record and things he accomplished.  He’d do it as if he was looking for feedback saying, “That was good, wasn’t it?”, pointing out good things that happened during his administration.   

The Lord also showed me that President Trump will make the White House the people’s house as he will be giving people that normally don’t have access to the White House access; the “common man.”  He showed me the White House full of Americans, the everyday Americans and how the people of America would be getting “their White House” back.  That it will be once again a “government by and for the people” and the White House will be known and realized this is “the people’s house,” the citizens of America.

Greg also shares how God told him that President Trump would be a friend of the Church and we see this taking place! This is the first president that has allowed pastors to come in and pray with him and be on live TV praying together. There is a prayer team in the White House, and people have laid hands on him in prayer! President Trump has even said that he wants to be the most praying president ever. Employment is up in America, our military is being built up, and America is being respected again, and it has only been 24 months. With all the opposition that is going on against President Trump this shows that this is only God, doing the great things in our nation. We want to hear what you think! You can write to us at friends@greglancaster.org. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Prophesy – Donald Trump Will be the Next President of the United States of America
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