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Home » WATCH! State of the Nation: President Trumps First 23 months in Office – An Amazing Look Back- Part 1,2,3 & 4

WATCH! State of the Nation: President Trumps First 23 months in Office – An Amazing Look Back- Part 1,2,3 & 4



LISTEN NOW to Part 1!

We look at the first 23 months of President Donald Trump in office and all the great events and amazing changes that have taken place! Much of these things may not have even been broadcasted when it happened, and you will be greatly encouraged to see how far America has come. We will start at the beginning in March 2017.

President Trump remarks at his Joint Address to Congress in the beginning of his presidency speaking of how he wants unity and strength in America. Each American generation passes the torch of truth, liberty and justice in an unbroken chain all the way down to the present.  That torch is now in our hands.  And we will use it to light up the world.  I am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength, and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart.  A new chapter of American Greatness is now beginning.  A new national pride is sweeping across our nation.  And a new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp.” He requests everyone to embrace the America spirit and to believe again in America!

Next, we hear from Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch in March 2017. Judge Gorsuch expresses his gratefulness for this nomination and how he plans to follow the Unites States Constitution. “The Supreme Court’s work is vital not just to a region of the Country, but to the whole, vital to the protection of the people’s liberties under law; and to the continuity of our Constitution, the greatest charter of human liberty the world has ever known. I respect to the fact that in our legal order, it is for the Congress and not the courts to write new laws. It is the role of judges to apply not alter, the work of the people’s representatives.” He shares how he is thankful for his family, friends and faith that keep him grounded. He has already done a great job as a supreme court justice!

President Trump’s first 100 days in office was very productive. He delivered on many promises as soon as he was in office and continues to deliver on his promises to this day. He immediately went into meetings with leaders, there was job growth in the first month of his presidency, the stock market value went up and the consumer confidence was high. Every day, in the first 100 days, surprised many people as he did more than most presidents, in less than those 100 days of presidency, in recent history. A great America is a great world and we are seeing now that as even more historical events are taking place as unemployment is at an all time low!

In July 2017 President Trump had his six-month anniversary as president and we saw even more great accomplishments. He brought accountability back to government, he encouraged job creation, he cut back on business regulations, he made sure that our veterans are taken care of by making major changes in the VA Administration, and so much more! Before the Trump Administration many terrible things were taking place in America. Police Officers were being murdered in the streets and even a citizen was beheaded at her job and it was called work-place violence. Since President Trump has been in office these terrible acts of violence have stopped.

President Trump had a trip abroad to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, NATO, and the G7 Summit. President Trump says, “We made extraordinary gains, on this extraordinary trip. We advanced the security and prosperity of the United States, our friends, and our allies.” Before this, America was not received well in other countries and America was not supportive of these countries either. If you remember James Foley an American reporter was beheaded for all to see.

President Trump visited France on Bastille Day also known as the national day of France. He shares how the French fighting on that day in history changed the course of history. The whole world is being shifted around by all that President Trump is doing as he comes against dark spiritual forces in America and the world. Since his influence on Saudi Arabia many changes have taken place in that country, including allowing women the freedom to drive and justice has come in a major area that was needed!

All these great things that are taking place show that if America sticks to her original values, One Nation Under God, even your country will be blessed because America is the most gracious nation. Helping people, standing up for people, and being there for those in need. Get excited and be encouraged by all of this! Pray for our president! Pray for those in authority! Make sure to watch or listen to the full program to hear it all. We want to hear from you, write to us at Greg and John shared in this segment.

LISTEN NOW to Part 2!

Next, President Trump visited the USS Gerald R. Ford for the commissioning ceremony in July 2017. It is important that this took place because it is President Trump delivering on his promise to make our military strong again! This is great timing for the budget to increase for our military since it has been reported that China has the largest military in the world.

The President visited Puerto Rico in July 2017 as well. This was after Hurricanes devastated this territory and President Trump along with First Lady Melania served the people in this tragic time and met the needs of our citizens. It was compassionate of our president to take the time to see the people affected by this devastation, and even though this tragedy happened Puerto Rico will now receive a brand-new infrastructure and power grid, which they have needed for a long time.

President Trump remarked on the 70th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force in September 2017. “The characteristics that define the Air Force Aviator, boldness and bravery. Action and Instinct. Power and grace. But there is something else; there is a spark, there is a desire to be good. To do well in the eyes of their peers. That desire to do good, to soar past every challenge, to overcome every obstacle and to win for your fellow citizens and the land that we love. It is the same desire that beats in the heart of every red-blooded American patriot. Because for America the sky is never the limit.” This is so encouraging for those serving our country in the military to be affirmed by the Commander-in-Chief knowing he supports them.

Also, in September 2017 President Trump attended the United Nations General Assembly. The previous administration was turning America over to the United Nations, but President Trump is revamping how America is involved in the United Nations along with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. “As President of the United States, I will always put America first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries will always, and should always, put your countries first.”  It is great that America is being respected in the world again and the money that was being sent from America to other countries who used the money for terrorist activity has been stopped!

Next, we see First Lady Melania Trump at the White House as she oversees the decorations for Christmas 2017. During December 2017, President Trump said, it is Merry Christmas again, which he said while visiting in Pensacola, Florida and that night it snowed in Pensacola which hardly ever happens!

In January 2018, President Trump reports in his first year as president how he and his administration accomplished many things! America brought in more money during a tax cut! More than 2 million jobs were created, unemployment was at a 17-year low, the stock market was at an all-time high, 22 regulations were cut for everyone new regulation which was the most in the history of our country and so much more!

LISTEN NOW to Part 3!

President Trump delivered his 2018 State of the Union Address in January 2018. “Each day since we have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous mission to make America great again for all Americans. Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve. So, let us begin tonight by recognizing that the state of our Union is strong because our people are strong. And together, we are building a safe, strong, and proud America. As long as we have confidence in our values, faith in our citizens, and trust in our God, we will not fail. Our families will thrive. Our people will prosper. And our Nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.” It has only grown better in America since this day!

Also, in January 2018, Vice President Mike Pence visited Yad Vashem and the Western Wall in Israel. “When I stand with my wife at Yad Vashem to honor the 6 million Jewish martyrs of the Holocaust, we will marvel at the faith and resilience of your people, who just three years after walking beneath the shadow of death, rose up from the ashes to resurrect yourselves, to reclaim a Jewish future, and to rebuild the Jewish state.” Vice President Pence also visited Jordan during this trip and spoke with King Abdullah. “The United States and Jordan have stood together for decades. It has been a partnership strategic in scope, important in the region, and important in the world. I’m also here to express our great admiration for your leadership and the courage of the Jordanian military in the fight against terrorism. Together with the American military and the Iraqi military, and our coalition partners, we’ve made dramatic progress in the battle against ISIS, driving ISIS out of Iraq, driving ISIS out of the capital of their so-called caliphate of Raqqa. And you can be assured that we will continue to work closely with you as we drive ISIS out of existence together.” It is great to see that presently we have not heard of anything that ISIS has done as they have been decimated. Christians were being persecuted, Muslims were being persecuted who weren’t Muslim enough. A Jordanian pilot, in the military, was set on fire alive. It was tragic. Thankfully it appears that ISIS is defeated. It is important for us to support President Trump and those working along with him! Also, our part is vital for us to stand up for those who uphold the U.S. Constitution and to get out and vote!

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sarah Netanyahu to the White House in March 2018. Our president made sure that P.M. Netanyahu was aware that he has no greater supporter of Israel and the Jews than himself.

In April 2018 President Trump delivered a message for Passover and Easter. “My fellow Americans, at this holy time of the year families across our nation, gather in homes, churches, and synagogues to light candles and to praise God. During the sacred holiday of Passover, Jewish families around the world give thanks to God for liberating the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt and for delivering them to the Promised Land of Israel. For Christians, we remember the suffering and death of God’s only Son and his glorious resurrection on the third day. On Easter Sunday, we proclaim with joy…Christ is risen! Both of these sacred celebrations remind us that God’s love redeems the world.  Almost 3,000 years ago, the prophet Isaiah wrote, ‘Darkness covers the earth, but the Lord rises upon you, and his Glory appears over you. For the Lord will be your everlasting light.’ In America, we look to the light of God to guide our steps. We trust in the power of the Almighty for wisdom and strength.  And we praise our Heavenly Father for the blessings of freedom and the gift of eternal life. Happy Passover. Happy Easter.” God wants to be acknowledged, and that is what is happening with our president!

Next, we see the White House sports and fitness day, as our youth are recognized and supported. “Participating in sports builds character, forges friendships, tears down barriers, and brings people from all walks of life closer together…for the first time in history, I have directed this council to work with the White House and Secretary Azar to develop a national strategy to increase youth participation.” All that President Trump is doing matches what we are doing at VFNKB, making sure that everyone in every mountain of culture, Business, Government, Faith, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment (Sports), and Family, is empowered to impact their mountain with the Kingdom of God!

President Trump is definitely working hard in the Business Mountain as we can see many businesses have been empowered to bless their employees with bonuses like never before and promising millions of jobs along with training to be able to work the jobs. We join the president at 2018 Made in America Showcase. “We are here today to celebrate the greatest products in the world; products made with America heart, American sweat, and American pride…after many years of decline American manufacturing is coming back. Bigger and better and stronger than ever before. We are in the midst of a great economic revival…my administration is reclaiming our proud manufacturing heritage. Because we are finally putting, again, America first.” He shares how we are up to 400,000 manufacturing jobs in America! During this time also 4 million people have been able to get off food stamps as well!

We also heard from companies that pledge over 1 million jobs for Americans! We hear from the Aerospace Industries Association who pledges 48,000 jobs in the next five years. American Hotel and Lodging Association pledged to 130,000 new opportunities. There were more CEOs’ and businesses pledging to thousands of jobs. One company even pledged 1 million jobs! God is blessing our country!

In July 2018 President Trump visits NATO where he worked to make sure every country is paying their part in the NATO alliance. Also, during this time, he met with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom. President Trump remarks, “We have probably never developed a better relationship…the relationship is very, very strong.” God is shifting things in our nation, and He has heard our prayers!

LISTEN NOW to Part 4!

In July 2018, President Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a nominee for Supreme Court. “Judge Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law…There is no one in America more qualified for this position, and no one more deserving…This incredibly qualified nominee deserves a swift confirmation and robust bipartisan support. The rule of law is our nation’s proud heritage. It is the cornerstone of our freedom. It is what guarantees equal justice, and the Senate now has the chance to protect this glorious heritage by sending Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.” The Supreme Court is getting back to its original intent with judges who love our country and live by the U.S. Constitution.

President Trump continues his support of our troops at the Salute to Service Dinner at The Greenbrier. “American independence has endured because of the sweat, blood, and sacrifice of the American armed forces… This 4th of July, let us pledge to renew the bonds of love and loyalty that unite us together as Americans.  Let us pledge to expand the blessings of liberty, prosperity, and justice to all of our citizens.  And let us always remember that we are one people and one nation, saluting one great American flag.”

In the previous administration in America some terrible things happened to American citizens in North Korea. Otto Warmbier was arrested for tearing down a poster in North Korea and was eventually released and sent home brain-damaged and died a few days after being in the United States. There were also three other men who were captive for years and President Trump’s words to Kim Jong-un had to be touched by God because those three men were released. Now after this took place President Trump and Kim met together at the Singapore Summit! They had peace talks together to de-nuclearize North Korea. President Trump’s remarks about the meeting were encouraging. “I want to thank Chairman Kim for taking the first bold step toward a bright new future for his people. Our unprecedented meeting, the first between an American president and leader of North Korea. Proves that real change is indeed possible. My meeting with Chairman Kim was honest, direct, and productive. We got to know each other well in a very confined period of time.” The world is rejoicing over the changes taking place in North Korea and we must continue to pray for this country and for complete freedom to come to all the citizens and prisoners!

Next, we revisit when President Macron and his wife from France visit the White House. America’s relationship with France has been very important in the past and is still a vital relationship that is being maintained by our president.

Again, President Trump shows his support of our military at Fort Drum! “America is eternally grateful for every soldier, service member, and family member here at Fort Drum. And we are forever in the debt of every American who has ever served our nation in uniform. From the snows of valley forge to the jungles of Vietnam and the mountains of Afghanistan, it’s just incredible what you do… And we believe our war fighters deserve the tools, the equipment, and resources they have earned with their blood, sweat, and tears. In a few moments, in honor of that sacred obligation, I will put my signature on the national defense authorization act. This authorization will give America’s war fighters the fire power they need to win any conflict quickly and decisively.” Many other great things are happening in our nation, including business investment being up!

Our president has kept busy and he and the First Lady Melania welcomed President Kenyatta and his wife from Kenya, to the White House. We are excited about our nation standing with Kenya!

President Trump has also started a Space Force in America! He speaks at the National Space Council. The President and Vice President Mike Pence give remarks at this meeting. Vice President Pence remarks, “President Trump and our entire administration believe that America’s prosperity, security, and even our national character, depend on American leadership in space.  And over the past year, the world has seen the vital role that private enterprise plays to advance American leadership in outer space… Today, as we speak, American businesses are developing new rockets — I saw a few last night — spaceships, satellites that are taking us further into space than ever before and renewing our confidence that we can, and we will achieve the impossible once again.” We are going to the moon again!

Our President stands with our border patrol and honors them. ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and CBP, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. “We’re here today to salute the incredibly brave patriots who keep America safe: the heroes of ICE and CBC… Everyone here today understands a vital truth: that America is a land of opportunity because we are a nation of laws.  For America to be a strong nation, we must have strong borders… And I’m honored every single day to serve as your Commander-in-Chief.  I will never leave your side.  I will never leave the fight.  I will never, ever let you down. So, on behalf of a grateful nation, let me say once more: Thank you for your service.  You are truly incredible people.”

Now our economy is stronger than it has ever been!  President Trump remarks on the great progress that has been made in August 2018. “It’s said now that our economy is the strongest it has ever been in the history of our country and you just have to take a look at the numbers. Unemployment all time historic lows. Black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment, women unemployment these are records being set on a weekly basis. Our country is doing phenomenally well. We are going all the way…inside of our country we are just setting records and I am going to keep it that way.”

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President Donald J. Trumps Accomplishments List:


US Cuts 300 Million In Aid To Pakistan

Trump Cut Off 200 Million in Aid to Palestinians

Trump ends 230 Million Dollar Rebuilding Payments to Syria

Trump has our soldiers remains returned home from Korean War

Trump signs Right to Try drug bill

US Embassy moved to Jerusalem by President Donald J Trump

Trump secures release of American Prisoners from North Korea

Trump Negotiates Peace between North and South Korea

Trump Signs Order Calling for Work Requirements for Welfare Programs

HISTORIC: Trump Nominates First Woman for Head of CIA

Feds collect record taxes in first month under Trump’s tax cuts; runs surplus in January

Trump signs sweeping two-year budget deal – MILITARY FUNDED

Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years – ‘Hire the best and fire the worst’

Trump signs bipartisan bill to combat synthetic opioids

Trump Shrinks Federal Bureaucracy by 16000

President Trump set a record for lifetime appointed judges in 2017

Trump Signed 96 Laws In 2017

Trump Administration Set to Roll Back $900 Million in Obama-Era Offshore Drilling Regulations

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 52 People and Entities for Abuse and Corruption

Individual Mandate of Obamacare REPEALED

Senate Passes Historic Sweeping Tax Reform

Climate Change REMOVED from ‘Threat List’

Trump Admin is a Deregulation Machine: Eliminating 22:1

Trump signs $700 billion defense bill, gives troops largest pay raise in 7 years

New Space Policy Directive Calls for Human Expansion Across Solar System

Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Reform – 20% Corporate rate – Largest in 31 Years.

Trump Shuts Down CIA funding of Syrian Rebels

House Passes Tax Bill in Major Step Toward Overhaul

Senate Passes Budget Resolution Clearing the Way to pass Tax Reform with a Simple Majority

Trump’s HHS defines life as beginning at conception

President Trump Declassifies and Releases JFK Files


Trump: ‘We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values’

Trump administration abandons the Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming

School Choice tops the list of Priorities U.S. Education Department Grants

Trump Signs Healthcare Order, Expands Choice and Access through associations

US and Israel withdraw from UNESCO citing “anti-Israel bias”

Trump has written 46 Executive Orders

Treasury Deparment to target companies doing business with North Korea

Trump has signed 53 bills into law

Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure

11,000 government jobs slashed under Trump – downsizing government

UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea

Senate confirms 65 Trump nominees for various positions

U.S. Small Business Administration opens assistance center

800 Obama regulations cut – Saved over $200 billion

EPA’s Pruitt moves to roll back over 30 environmental regulations in record time

Cut the White House budget – Saved taxpayers $22 million

Haley Tells Congress US Assuming More Assertive Role at UN

Trump’s EPA To Repeal Obama’s ‘Waters Of The US’ Rule

Eliminated 1200 man hours of wasteful paperwork requirements including Y2K preparedness

President Trump Announces “Massive Permit Reform” Push

Trump Lays Out Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System

Statement by President Trump on the Paris Climate Accord

Treasury to call for rolling back banking regulations

Trump orders a Voter Fraud Commission to investigate 2016 election

Fired corrupt and incompetent FBI Director James Comey

HHS to Rescind Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare

Appointed conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion In Errors during Audit of Obama HUD

President Trump’s executive order will undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan rule

U.S. Will have Free but Fair and Balanced Trade: Mnuchin

Executive order to reduce operating costs of the Federal Government

Fired all 46 attorney generals hired by Obama

Purging the State Department of Obama loyalists

Fixing lobbying laws – 5 year lobbying ban on White House officials

Put a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies

Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)

45th PRESIDENT of the United States of America, DONALD J. TRUMP

Department of Justice

Trump DOJ Sues California For Interference With Immigration Enforcement

DOJ Halts Obama’s Operation Chokepoint, Which Targeted Firearm Dealers

More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation

Four charged with leaks from Trump administration

Jeff Sessions announces new crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

Justice Department announces takedown of AlphaBay, the largest dark web market

Sessions’s New Civil-Forfeiture Rules

400 medical professionals charged in largest health care fraud takedown

The Department of Justice Stands by Texas’s Voter ID Law

Charges: Sex traffickers took hundreds from Thailand to US

AG Sessions is bringing back the harsher sentences for drug dealers

Sex Trafficking Arrests Soar Under Trump; MSM Completely Ignores

DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid

Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe

ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California

End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% – Historically Low Crossings

DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions

Deportations Of Noncriminals Rise As ICE Casts Wider Net

Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)

Veterans Administration

Trump signs VA Mission Act

Enhancing Veteran Care Act

VA seeks partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities

VA announces Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act

VA, Ginnie Mae create task force to address mortgage refinancing issues

Telemedicine: An important tool for Veterans health

Trump Signs Bill to Streamline VA Disability Claims Appeals Process

Trump signs ‘Forever GI Bill,’ boosting aid to student vets

VA expands Tele-Health access

VA fires more than 500 feds under Trump, even before new accountability law

Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans

Trump Administration Streamlines Veteran Medical Records

White House to launch veterans’ complaint hotline

Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at VA


Fastest growing pace in 14 years for manufacturers


Jobless claims lowest level since 1969

Trump secures 2026 World Cup for the USA

Consumer Confidence Highest in 18 years

Black Business Ownership Under Trump JUMPS 400 PERCENT in ONE YEAR

Youth Unemployment Hits 52 Year Low

Black Support for Trump DOUBLES to 29 percent

RECORD Number of Employed – 63 Percent labor participation

Worker pay rate hits highest level since 2008

Black and Hispanic Unemployment rates hit record low in April

Business Investments up 39 Percent Due to Tax Cuts

April 2018 Best Month in HISTORY for Budget according to CBO

Food Stamp Usage Drops Half Million in Single Month

Highest Ever Manufacturer Optimism over 94 Percent

Unemployment claims have fallen to a 45-year low

Trump Economy Explodes Record Number of Americans Employed Stocks Soar


GREAT AGAIN Household Net Worth Pushes Further Into Record Territory

U.S. Consumer Confidence Is at 17-Year High

US homebuilding permits soar to highest level since 2007

Economy to grow at 5.4% rate in first quarter

Roaring: Economic Optimism Index hits 13-year high, credit to tax cuts

U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low

Wages jump to highest level since 2009 – up 2.9%

U.S. Oil Production Tops 10 Million Barrels A Day, First Time Since 1970

Trump Decreases Debt to GDP Ratio – First Time in Over 50 Years!

Jobless claims drop to lowest level in nearly 45 years

Apple to Invest $350 BILLION in US citing Trump Tax Plan

Utilities cutting rates, cite benefits of Trump tax reform

Over 100 companies giving ‘Trump Bonuses’ after tax victory

Black unemployment rate falls to record low

Trump adds 184,000 manufacturing jobs and continues growth trend

Manufacturing in the U.S. Just Accelerated to Its Best Year Since 2004

Nikki Haley negotiates $285M cut in ‘bloated’ UN budget

WIC Welfare Participation Hits 17-Year Low

U.S. home sales hit 11-year high

Manufacturing Optimism Reaches Another All-Time High – 94.6%

Economy adds 228K jobs in November

Mining up 28.6% – Leads the Nation in Growth

Broadcom will move back to U.S. — and bring tax money with it

US private sector added 235,000 jobs in Oct – Beats Expectations

Consumer confidence highest level since December 2000

Q3 GDP at 3 Percent – Beats Expectations

Ivanka Trump creates new World Bank initiative to foster Entrepreneurship among Women

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Surges to 13-Year High

63.1%: Participation Rate Reaches Trump-Era High

Unemployment down to 4.2, wages rise .5%

New entrants from outside the labor market made up 3.2

U.S. Factories Expanding at 13 Year high

Dow posting first eight-quarter winning streak in 20 years

Home builder confidence at 12-year high

Manufacturer confidence at a 20-year high

Tech giants pledge millions to Trump initiative

Q2 GDP up 3.1%

Sales of new U.S. homes rebounded in August

Federal Reserve: Household Wealth in America at record high of $1.7 trillion – Rising property values and Financial gain

Surging stock market powers U.S. wealth to $96.2 trillion

Food Stamp Usage Has Fallen Every Month Under Trump

Median Incomes Climbing for First Time Since 2007

Trump has signed a $15 billion relief package for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Jobless claims drop to 240,000 – hottest streak in 43 years

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rose in August

Recovery Is Finally Trickling Down to Least-Educated Workers

U.S. Job Satisfaction Highest Level Since 2005

American manufacturing expanded in August at fastest pace in six years

Donald Trump Ends Obama Effort to Waive Work Requirements for Welfare

Consumer confidence strengthens in August, second-highest level since late 2000

President Trump Cuts More US Debt for a Longer Period of Time Than Any President

Pennsylvania coal company to open a SECOND coal mine

Summer Youth Unemployment Falls, Level Since 1969

In Trump era, American corporations are seeing their best earnings in 13 years

US trade deficit narrows as exports hit 2-1/2-year high

Milestone for Trump: 1 million new jobs in six months

National unemployment rate at 4.3% (lowest it’s been in 16 years)

13,000 jobs being created in WI – largest job announcement in WI history (Foxconn)

Black Unemployment, Lowest Level in 17 Years

Gas prices at a 12-year low

Some states are experiencing their lowest unemployment rates in their histories

Trump Announces $200 Million in Apprenticeship Funding

U.S. has record 6 million job openings, 6.8 million Americans are looking for jobs

CEO confidence highest since 2014

U.S. jobless rate falls to lowest level in 16 years

Trump signs bills that helps Veterans and Police officers by giving them Priority and Training

Government spending as percentage of GDP down

1000s of jobs being created through pact with Saudi Arabia

Executive Order on the Establishment of the American Technology Council

USA’s small business confidence is spurring a hiring and spending spree

Alibaba Takes First Step To Fulfilling Jack Ma And President Trump’s ‘One Million U.S. Jobs’ Promise

Slashing job-killing regulations left and right

Creating thousands of more jobs for immigration officers and border patrol

Signed a resolution encouraging women in entrepreneurship and STEM

Executive ordered all federal agencies to create task forces to cut regulations that hurt the economy

US Manufacturing Index at a 33-year high

Coal Miners are WINNING. Cut Regulations/Create Jobs/New Plant

US Economic Confidence Surges To Highest Level Ever Recorded By Gallup

State Department

Four Months into FY 2018, Refugee Admissions Plunge to Lowest Level in 15 Years

US increases vetting and resumes processing of refugees from ‘high-risk’ countries

US Delays Payment to UN for Palestinians

US Suspends $2 BILLION in security assistance to Pakistan

Global Magnitsky Act Signed: Targeting Global Corruption and Human Rights Abuse

North Korea Designated as ‘State Sponor of Terrorism’

United States Announces a New Strategy on Iran

Trump Administration Announces ‘Extreme Vetting’ Plans

Trump cuts Obama’s refugee target in half, takes more Christians than Muslims

New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries

UN Security Council unanimously steps up sanctions against North Korea

Fewest Monthly Refugee Arrivals in August Since 2002

Trump to stop travel from countries that refuse to help Homeland Security

America has withdrawn almost $300 million in foreign aid to Egypt

Tillerson to shutter war crimes focused State Dept. office: report

Rex Tillerson, Mediating Gulf Dispute, Signs Antiterrorism Pact With Qatar

Canceled Obama Era special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs

Critical milestone in the global fight against ISIS

Tillerson to back up Trump efforts to bolster Eastern Europe against Russia

Tillerson Tightens Limits on Filling State Department Jobs

Report: Trump plans to cut foreign aid, merge State and USAID

US to make at least $285m cut to UN budget

Tillerson on North Korea: Military action is ‘an option’

It’s a bloodbath at the State Department

Homeland Security

DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid

Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe

ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California

End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% – Historically Low Crossings

DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions

Deportations Of Noncriminals Rise As ICE Casts Wider Net

DACA Renewals Drop 21%

30-foot concrete slab prototypes erected along border

ICE has conducted a MASSIVE raid on sanctuary cities this week – 498 illegal immigrants arrested

Trump has updated his travel ban, includes these 8 countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Somalia – NO EXPIRATION DATE

Crossing The Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been In 50 Years

Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities – Must allow ICE access to jails and notify befor release

$1.6 billion down payment to start building the wall

Trump cuts off visas for countries that refuse deported immigrants

Rescinded DACA

Extreme Vetting’ for some green cards

Deportation orders up 31% nationwide under Trump

Deportation Orders Up 30%

Miami has removed its “sanctuary” status

ICE raids targeting families net 650 arrests

Denver To ICE: Stop Arresting Illegal Immigrants At Courthouse. ICE To Denver: Not A Chance.

17 Texas sheriffs approved to partner w/ICE

ICE chief wants smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities

New crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

Raids to target teenaged suspected gang members

Army Corps starts pre-construction work on border wall

Deportations in LA are up 60% alone

80% jump in illegal targets

Feds taking over Texas National Guard mission along border

Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level

Christian refugees admitted now outnumber Muslim refugees admitted

Bill allocates $1.6 billion for Trump’s border wall

ICE crackdown scaring some families back to Mexico

No Sanctuary For Criminals Act – deny federal grants to sanctuary cities – Passed House and Senate

Kate’s Law – harsher penalties for previously deported criminals – Passed House and Senate

Number of refugees taken in is down 50%

Rescinded DAPA

Workers install final panel in upgrade of border fence

Raids turn Oregon city into ghost town

Ending “catch and release” immigration policy

Silicon Valley Staffing Firm Charged in H1B Fraud

Unshackling ICE – told that they can take action against ALL illegal immigrants – increasing presence in sanctuary cities

Department of Defense

Trump signs new defense policy bill that rebuilds military, boosts troop pay

Top 5 ISIS Leaders Captured

Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo Bay prison open

US kills 150 ISIS terrorists in Syria airstrike during government shutdown

ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory – due to Trump admin

Pentagon Announces First-Ever Audit of the Department of Defense

U.S.-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa from ISIS

ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria’s Raqqa

Gen. Mattis breaks down New Afghanistan Strategy

US-backed fighters ‘seize 80% of Raqqa from Islamic State’

Mattis sees need for new DOD space programs

Trump calls for Increased Military: Senate passes $700 billion defense bill

US shares technology with India. Enlisting them to fight in Afghanistan

Mattis vows US support for Ukraine against Russian ‘aggression’

U.S. Cyber Command will be elevated to a “Unified Combatant Command”

Mattis decides to withhold U.S. cash from key Pakistani military fund

Mosul liberated from ISIS

Mattis: ‘Annihilation Tactics’ Being Used Against ISIS

US, Gulf countries form new group: ‘TFTC’ to stem flow of terror financing

NATO weighs new ‘Counter Terrorism Post’ following Trump’s demands

ISIS leader ‘admits DEFEAT in Iraq and orders militants to flee

Mattis Gives White House Tentative Plan for Rapid Defeat of ISIS

James Mattis threatens to ‘moderate’ US backing for Nato over budgets

Trade Deals

Trump Blocks Chinese Purchase of Qualcomm due to National Security


Trump Slaps 30% Tariffs on Solar Panels imported from China

Japan Freezes North Korea’s Assets after Trump’s Visit

U.S. Trade Deficit falls to 11-month low

Trump Fights for ‘America First’ as 4th Round of NAFTA Negotiations End

Crude Oil Shipment to India Highlights Expanding Energy Partnership

Trump Blocks China from buying Semi-Conductor company, Lattice

Crude oil shipment from Texas opens new vistas in India-U.S. ties

Argentina agrees to allow first U.S. pork imports in 25 years

Trump orders probe of China’s intellectual property practices

New memorandum to protect American IPs from China – Potentially save Billions of dollars and millions in jobs

Coal exports up 60%

China opens rice market for US exports for first time ever

U.S. makes final finding rebar exports from Taiwan

Renegotiating NAFTA with Canada and Mexico in order to make better trade deals – May terminate

United States and Mexico finalize sugar trade deal

First U.S. Natural Gas Shipped to Poland

Signed an Arms Deal worth more than $350 billion and various other investment agreements with Saudi Arabia

China, U.S. reach trade agreement on beef, poultry and natural gas

Trump orders a study on abuses of U.S. trade agreements – WTO

Trump slaps tariffs on Canadian lumber imports

Increased tariffs on Canadian lumber by 20% (worth $1 billion)

China buys more U.S. coal, sends North Korea

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) TERMINATED


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