VFNKB is here to encourage and inspire you! God has called us all to reach success and has gifted us and expects us to succeed. When we commit our plans to the Lord, He will establish those plans! Lance Wallnau shares wisdom on the importance of controlling our interruptions that can come from people and our relationships. We also dig deeper to give you strategies for your success.

Lance shares that what is unique to us right now is the quality of the connection we have with people. He says that where we are in the world, it is not what we know but who we know! “We are in a very toxic culture; we are in a spiritual warzone…” He continues to share that he has found scientific data that supports the fact that the right relationships create a buffer around us and the negativity that comes at us. When people were agitated from inanimate objects, they did not retain the toxicity from that stressful moment. But when people were agitated by a human, it had a 50% larger impact which took 50% more time to get over that agitation. “The secret to us to be able to do what we have to do is creating the emotional environments that are supporting enough and nurturing enough that we can create a habitation to support exactly what you are creating. It is like a wall that protects, like a membrane.” When we allow people to interrupt us, it has lingering effects. This is why we must be careful who we allow to speak into our lives. We are going to cover several strategies that will help you to create this wall to protect you from toxicity from others.

The first thing we must do is to realize that if someone does not support our future, then why would we give them our presence? It is important for us to understand this if we want to be successful. We, of course, are called to love all people because people are important, but we don’t have to have every person speaking in our ear, being in our presence, if they don’t support our future. We will have interruptions in our life as we work, but we can schedule interruptions. If someone needs to talk with you, then you can ask them to speak with you at a certain time so you can finish whatever task you are currently working on. If that person cares about your future, they will be okay with waiting for you to complete your task before speaking with you.

Next, we must realize we owe no one an audience. We only have 24 hours in a day. Some people only want to talk about their problems but don’t want a solution to their problems. Because of this, we must be careful who we allow to speak into our lives. Words are spirit. Someone that downloads their problems to you just to talk, they don’t care about your destiny. We need people in our lives who care about our destiny and where our business, our lives, are going. This is the type of person that you want to insulate yourself from as Lance was speaking about. Also, a person may try to get to you through others if they can’t get to you directly. If someone is doing this, you must have those that are around you educated to know that if someone is trying to get to you through them, they need to tell you so that you can talk to that person directly. Those around you, in your inner circle, are important! In Greg’s book I Will Fight, he speaks about this and how to structure your inner circle of people to help you meet your success. Get your free copy of the book HERE today!

Another reason why we must be careful who speaks into our lives, as we touched on earlier, is that words are spirit. There may be someone in your family who is destructive with the words they speak. You don’t have to allow them to speak into your ears! You can love them from a distance. Also, you do not have to listen to secular media! News is not what it used to be, and neither is other media and entertainment. Sitcom shows and movies are portraying a narrative that is not good. In America, it is a narrative that is looking to change us, but we can choose to turn off media with that wrong narrative and only watch/listen to media that is from a Biblical perspective. An example would be VFNKB‘s VFNtv, which is about today’s news and current events and how you can act in it. It will help you to succeed by filtering the media that you take in, which will position you to produce as Jesus spoke of in the Parable of the Sower.

When we work from this place of success, we are a light influencer in the seven mountains of culture. If we don’t have success as a light influencer, then darkness will be what is influencing that place in that mountain of culture. As a believer, we must allow our light to shine in every mountain of culture, not just the Faith Mountain because we are called to make disciples of all nations. If we only shine our light where other believers are, then we are not doing what Jesus called us to do, to make disciples. Jesus was a carpenter for 30 years, which would mean that He worked in the Business Mountain before He entered the ministry for three years. We can be challenged to be successful in this and to be a light in the mountain of culture that we are called to. Kamal Saleem, who was a former radical Jihadist before his salvation, said that Jihadists and Radical Islamists are working to influence the seven mountains of culture. They want to disciple a nation. As a believer, we are light, and when we are successful, we can bring a light influence in our mountain of culture, which in turn will lead others to Jesus Christ. The higher your success, the larger your sphere of influence is!

As you work to have an impact in your mountain of culture, we want to empower you to be successful. It is hard to develop the relationships that you need that are for you and your future success. We have built the VFNKB Community where your success is our success, our success is your success, and our success together is Kingdom success! You can join this community today and contribute encouragement to other business owners and others who are wanting to be successful. You can also find encouragement from others in the VFNKB Community. Join the VFNKB Community HERE. Also, remember that God wants you to succeed! What are your thoughts about insulating yourself from certain relationships? Have you joined the VFNKB Community? We want to hear from you! Connect with us HERE in our community, and you can write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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