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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Fathering and Accountability are Needed for Discipleship to Happen

Fathering and Accountability are Needed for Discipleship to Happen




In the 1960’s and 1970’s the Spirit of the Lord was mightily poured out upon America in what has been known as the Charismatic Renewal Movement. Charles Simpson was one of the leaders in this mighty move of God and he has experienced so many life experiences and wisdom that the present generation can glean from. Simpson had no idea that he would one day be part of the leadership in this great move of God. During this time of God moving mightily, Simpson shares how things came to his realization that he would have never imagined.

As God was moving mightily in 1970’s, Simpson explains how a moral issue had been heard was going on within the leadership. As part of the leadership, himself, Simpson met with other leaders at the time. As other leaders were considering what to do about the recent information, Simpson explains what transpired, “the person who was involved with the problem, and it was a very serious problem and a repetitive problem, felt like his ministry was in jeopardy, which it was, and began to call around the country and tell his friends that we were taking his ministry from him. In fact, we were ready to resign and get away. We just didn’t know what to do. Everybody thought we were the ministry because our pictures were in the magazine and we wrote the articles.” Simpson continues to recall what the Lord revealed to the leaders when they gathered together to discuss what to do next. “We decided that we would resign from the magazine, and that, at the same time, none of us were accountable to anybody, and that we needed accountability.” It was in this light that they saw the landscape of what was happening with a new perspective.  “We saw the problem of the brother that fell into a problem, and we saw that it was happening out there. It was harvest, and everybody was running loose in the field and not accountable for their row or what they were gonna do.” After praying about what they had now realized, the Holy Spirit began to show them the need for each other. “It wasn’t about us being joined together. It wasn’t about us continuing with the magazine. We saw we needed each other for our personal covering, that we needed to be accountable.”

Even after the decision was made to be accountable to one another, Simpson also shares about the trying days that ensued regarding their brother who needed restoration. Even after personally extending everything he could to walk his brother and friend through a time of restoration, Simpson explains that his brother didn’t receive the assistance or wisdom. What do you do? “Then we had to assume responsibility for a ministry that we didn’t create, and we had our own ministries. We elected to keep our own ministries and not try to build some conglomerate.” Simpson continues, “bear in mind, none of us wanted a denomination or a system, or to control anything.” It so vital to grasp this important truth. Right in the middle of God moving mightily upon a nation, there is tragedy taking place causing people to desperately seek after Holy Spirit to know what to do next.

Recalling these many different experiences and moments in his time of leadership, Simpson expresses priceless wisdom that everyone can learn from. “You have to really watch yourself because you’re being pushed up onto a platform that is dizzying, and some people don’t make it. I’m just grateful to God that I made it.” Simpson continues to share how our decisions at the time, are not always based on accurate realities. “You’re not always making good choices. You’re not always equipped to handle a situation. And, there’s a tremendous demand on you when you’re sitting out there, standing on a platform, and there’s 3,000 people saying, ‘tell me something I haven’t heard’ It’s a challenge”.

These truths are so important to remember and hold tightly onto. Be sure to see the whole conversation with Charles Simpson, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: morality, leadership, prayer, Holy Spirit, Jamaica, Miami Beach, leadership, accountability, relationship, restoration, and wisdom. Greg Lancaster and Charles Simpson shared in this segment.

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