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PROPHECY! Dutch Sheets: Decrees Will Blanket the Nation “America Shall be Saved!” 




This is a prophecy! Dutch Sheets shares a vision where a statue of George Washington was seen. He was mounted on a horse while the horse was reared up. In his hand was a revolutionary gun holding it like a sword. This was in Washington D.C. and the statue could pivot from southwest to northwest. Dutch turned to his right, in this dream, and said, “It’s Time!” Something is coming from the west coast in March, which Dutch says is probably revival. It is time!

It’s 2020 time.

It’s wind of God blowing the ship time.

It’s America shall be saved time.

It’s pull out all the stops and believe for revival time!

It’s time!

Continuing in the prophetic dream there was a huge megaphone the size of a 3 to 4 story building. The praying church was standing all around Dutch and the megaphone. The church picked up the megaphone on their shoulders and lifted it up to Dutch and he started decreeing and as he decreed eagles would pick up the decrees. These were angels and they would carry the decrees to the point of their assignment. When the angels dropped the decrees it would look like a white sheet. These decrees are blanketing our nation! One of the angels dropped one of the decrees over America and it had written on it “SAVED!” This is so encouraging an we must decree what God is saying over our nation! And over the world. Great days are ahead for the Church. Watch or listen to hear the full prophecy and be encouraged! We want to hear from you. Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com or in the VFNKB Community HERE.

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