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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » “We Are Being Surpassed by Artificial Intelligence,” says Charles Simpson

“We Are Being Surpassed by Artificial Intelligence,” says Charles Simpson




When we hear the words “a move of God,” we can consider past moves of God that have taken place in Church history. This is both a good and a bad thing. It is good to remember that when God moves, we have to respond. But it can also be bad if we think what God is about to do will be like what He has done. Reportedly, Dutch Sheets has said that this coming move of God will be ten times greater than anything we have witnessed before. In a recent conversation with VFNtv, Charles Simpson, one of the leaders in the Charismatic Renewal Movement, shares how this coming move of God will be unlike anything we have witnessed.

Greg Lancaster shares briefly about the immensity and magnitude of this coming move of God and what God has shown him. Knowing that Charles Simpson was in the epicenter of the Charismatic Renewal Movement when it took him by surprise, he asks Simpson how he would prepare for what is to come, knowing it’s coming. Simpson’s response echoes so much wisdom from his life’s experience, “We have preparation for it. I don’t think you’re ever totally prepared for the new season because it’s going to present you with things you never saw before”. As Simpson continues to talk about this coming move of God, he highlights that it will not be the “high profile” individuals that one may think. “I think it’s gonna be surprising where all this comes from, just like [Kanye West] is surprising, and there are others that are going to be surprising.” It’s important to note that God does not fit inside whatever box we place Him in. “We’re gonna have to adjust and acclimate to the way God is going to do this.”

If we focus solely on what we see with our eyes, we will miss what God is about to do. This is not about the physical; it is about Holy Spirit. As we come closer and closer to this completely breaking loose, Holy Spirit is also moving mightily within those who are His. Simpson explains, “I’ve gotten around certain people and I’ve felt that God was moving in them more than they knew, more than they realized.”  Simpson has been looking ahead for what is about to take place and shares his longing to experience it also. “I have the fear of God, but I’m interested to see it. I feel like Moses standing on the mountain looking over into the land. I feel like there is something that is going to be explosive, but it’s going to come from different places than we expect it, and we’re already seeing the beginnings of that.” Simpson highlights the Armenian family history of Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian, and the deep histories within the Iranian and Armenian people. He describes it as “unexploded dynamite all over the country,” spiritually speaking. In a matter of moments, God can powerfully touch an entire people group with His Spirit.

As Simpson continues to talk about different denominations and past histories, he points out this very important truth. “I just know that there’s a lot of people that have history, that have left their history; and you think, ‘well it’s over for them.’, and then all of a sudden, they’ve come to the end of their journey and realized they need God and they know something about the Lord. I believe that kind of thing is going to happen.” God knows everyone’s history. We must not write off anyone based on their present reality. Simpson continues, “in the African American community there’s a lot of that because they heard from an early age about the Lord, and they know that their ancestors were brought through because of Jesus. And so, they’ve got something going that a lot of us don’t have, in terms of background”. This is where tremendous outbreaks of Holy Spirit can break loose. “There is a potential for a tremendous breakout, and I think there is more of that underground in our country than people realize.”

Today, more than ever, we need to prepare our hearts for what Holy Spirit is doing and is about to do. God can do abundantly more than all that we ask or imagine. Allow your expectations and hope in the Lord breakthrough to new heights as you see the full conversation with Charles Simpson and so much more. Also shared in this segment: worship, Holy Spirit, the anointing, God’s anointing on African Americans, the Kardashians, the Armenian Church, Armenian Genocide, Charles Stanley, Samuel Rodriguez, and hope. Charles Simpson and Greg Lancaster shared in this segment.

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