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Home » PROPHECY! God Shows Greg Lancaster DANGER with the 2020 Election and What a New Religion in America has to do with it?

PROPHECY! God Shows Greg Lancaster DANGER with the 2020 Election and What a New Religion in America has to do with it?



God Shows Greg DANGER with the 2020 Election and What a New Religion in America has to do with it?

Greg Lancaster shares how the Lord took him behind the scene of those who are attempting to steal the 2020 Election in America, but first there is a new religion that is taking place in America. It is gaining momentum as more and more people are taking on its beliefs and ideas. Climate Change and Global Warming has become a common topic in today’s culture. As Perry Stone reveals, it is the Climate Army! Some of things that should have taken place regarding Climate Change may surprise you.

“From the 1960’s reports that I have read, Florida is already supposed to be totally underwater. Huge icebergs have already supposed to have melted and destroyed all the coastlines. Rain is supposed to have stopped completely and there is to be no snow.” With that last point, Stone highlights the recent weather report coming from Montana. “Montana, just a week ago, got 40 inches.” Though one may laugh, it is no laughing matter.

When Stone begins to turn the attention towards the times of the Biblical prophet Elijah, and the false god of baal in those days, we can see how there is much more going on than the surface presents. ‘This was a false idol god…that the apostate Israelites…believed could control the climate.’ It was in following this false god, that they were deceived. Stone continues, “Instead of believing what the Word of God said, they believed that baal controlled the climate and you had to sacrifice to baal, and pray to baal in order to have a successful climate that would produce everything that was proper”.  During these days of Elijah, he also encounters the spirit of Ahab and Jezebel. Malachi 4:5-6 points out, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.” The important take away from these moments in scripture is that the same spirit of Elijah that battled the spirit of Jezebel and the false god of baal, will come again before the day of the Lord, and we will see the same warfare taking place in the last days against the spirit of Jezebel and the false god of baal.

When we look at all the media headlines and sound bites hitting our media feeds, we can see how this is not just anything taking place. People are attempting to shift things and create a narrative to focus on the environment instead of focusing on the Lord. This is nothing new. The same strategy was taking place in the times of Elijah! Today, the same incessant conversations and ideas about climate change is straight from the methods of Saul Alinksy. The ultimate agenda is to get the world to unite around the environment.

In previous days, there was the conservative party, Republican, and there was the liberal party, Democrat. The present Democratic Party is not the same party that it once was for it has left the “normal democrats” we once knew behind.  The Lord took Greg Lancaster behind the scenes of those who have basically taken over the Democratic National Convention. It’s important to remember that it’s not people that we struggle with, but spiritual forces of evil which uses or misleads people.  In this prophetic encounter, the Lord showed Greg behind the scenes of the operations that were taking place in this evil scheme of the highjacked Democratic Party being taken into some hidden facilities.  They were networking in an underground movement to take over America; the America we presently know. They were attempting to steal the Constitution, steal America, and steal the election of 2020.

The Lord continued to show Greg what was taking place as Greg was taken to another building. In this next building Greg saw a baal idol laying on the floor and everyone who was in this particular room was being perverse with it. Shocked at what he saw, Greg quickly removed himself from the second building. He returns to the first building he was in and sees the same activity being done with another baal idol on the floor. The prophetic encounter continues as Greg is sitting on a bus talking with African Americans. “This is not your typical Democratic Party! It’s been taken over. It’s very vital that you, as an American citizen, as a Christian American citizen, that you vote in a certain way that ensure that you’re not voting for systems that support abortion.” This whole thing is a spirit of perversion! We must choose not to worship these false gods! Everything hinges on the 2020 election! Truth is God wins IF God’s people are awake and choose Him!

So, what do we do? We must choose. Are we children of the light or are we children of darkness. We cannot sit idly by just because good things are happening. We must continue to pray and choose God each day. We cannot be equally devoted to light and darkness. In another prophetic encounter, Greg was shown that people who were followers of Jesus was doing exactly that. Just as they were excited to follow Jesus, they were just as excited to lay themselves before satan’s dark forces. Today we must choose.

See the full conversation and the whole contextual understanding of the recent years, the decisions that have brought us today, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The DNC Boos God and Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Political Platforms, abortion, governors, baal worship, false idols, spirit of perversion, 2020 election, Socialism, Communism, slavery, rebellion, Perry Stone, the Constitution, children of satan, Climate Change, family, witchcraft, corruption, Ahab, Jezebel, Democratic Party, Republican Party, spiritual warfare, Israel.

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