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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » The Question is Not WHO should You Vote for it’s About How to Vote: Vote Biblical Values

The Question is Not WHO should You Vote for it’s About How to Vote: Vote Biblical Values


LISTEN NOW! With the many debates that have come and the upcoming votes to be had this year, it is vital that we understand the importance of our ability to vote. Government is God’s idea. It is not above God but in fact it is instituted by God. Currently, more people are worried about what the government will do to the people than the government being worried about what the people will do. Every citizen matters in America.

When considering the importance of the Church being involved in the process of voting, Pastor Tony Evans shares timely wisdom that we can apply.


“It is the departure from God that has gotten us in the political, social, economic, and familial chaos that we’re experiencing today…The Bible is full of politics. The idea is simply that you vote for the party or the candidate that best reflects the values of the Kingdom of God…Government belongs to God. When God is excluded, government is in trouble.”


How different would America be if these values and principles were not only understood, but taught, and carried out during each election period, both at the federal level AND at the state level?  As The Church, we have an obligation. According to Breitbart News, Ted Cruz has reportedly shared that “there are 90 million evangelicals in America, and 54 million of them did not vote.” If we truly understood the impact and freedoms of our ability to vote and decide who our next President would be, this statement would not be made.


The first step that we can do to get involved is to simply get registered to vote. Take the time out today and begin to educate yourself of those who are asking for your vote. We must then begin to know how to vote, what is God’s heart and what does He share about the values and principles that are taking place in America today. Jesus already came and has died for the sins of mankind. We are not looking for another savior. What we are looking for, is which candidate best represents the values and principles of the Bible?

In the increasing tides of darkness in today’s world, it seems that choosing to love is becoming harder and harder to do. How are we, as the Church, supposed to walk out love in this present paradigm? By looking at the powerful life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we get an accurate perspective of what a life, modeled after the Biblical values and principles of Jesus Christ looks like. You’ll hear a first-hand story, recounted from Dr. King’s sister-in-law, Naomi King, of how Dr. King lived a life of love as well as how he led the non-violent, Civil Rights Movement, that was grounded in love, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Presidential Election, values, principles, voting, Kings, Constitutional Rights, Franklin Graham, Civil Christianity, evangelicals, and religion. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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