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Home » WATCH! Prophecy! CORONAVIRUS. Hear this powerful word about what God is saying regarding the Coronavirus!

WATCH! Prophecy! CORONAVIRUS. Hear this powerful word about what God is saying regarding the Coronavirus!


Hear this powerful word about what God is saying regarding the Coronavirus! This prophecy was declared on February 9, 2020. For more prophetic insight, go to 


Prophecy by Hank Kunneman, February 9, 2020 at Lord of Hosts Church Omaha:

Listen to me, those who dwell upon this planet and those of you who dwell in the United States, for there is fear that has gripped and panicked regarding the coronavirus, yet listen to the words that I speak to you this moment, says the Living God. Why do you fear, United States? For I have spoken to you before and I speak to you again, that I have extended and have opened a window of mercy to this nation at this time, therefore the virus that they speak of, the prognostication, the diagnosis, the fear. My mercy is the quarantine that shall be greater than what they have spoken to you, United States! I am honoring covenants of your forefathers who stood before me and knelt and prayed and wept upon the shores, the sands of your beaches, the very rocks that this nation was founded upon. And because of the administration that stands in this land, who honor me, who honor the covenants of your forefathers and of the Constitution, and because they have aligned themselves with Israel and because they have sided on the right side of life, life in the womb, life given outside of the womb, therefore I give life to this nation and I give mercy. Do not fear this virus, says the Spirit of God. As I did with the bird flu and I cut off its wings, and I cast the swine flu from your seas, and I stomped out SARS, I shall smack my covenant hands together and I shall break the influence and the power from touching this nation in the way that they say. Therefore, fear not little flock, United States, because of the prayers of the righteous I stand upon this land at this time. Now I speak to you, says the Lord, pray though for your brethren, pray for your sisters in other nations, for there is a sting that shall grip them and bite them. It is your prayers and what you speak upon this land that the Lord is good, and my mercy endures forever, it is what I honor. But it will be your words of the Lord is good and his mercy endures forever that I will extend it even to the nations that are goat nations who have not aligned themselves with their covenant God, and I will extend mercy but I need my people’s voice that other nations would not suffer the consequence of what the enemy has sought to steal, kill, and destroy at this time, says the Spirit of God.”

Hank Kunneman

For more prophetic insight, go to

Prophetic Word from Shawn Bolz February 28, 2020

“The Lord showed me the end of the Coronavirus…the tide is turning now!
He is answering the prayers and cries of the nations and is putting an end in sight. The exaggerated fear based tactics of both the enemy and several media outlets for political reasons is coming to an end. The enemy has been trying to distract and steal from several equally important purposes and issues by dominating airwaves with conspiracy and fear.
Even now several vaccines are coming out as well as a natural dying out of the virus itself. The Lord is saying “I am removing the threat of this.”
Within a short amount of time the extreme threat will feel like it is in the way past.”

Psalm 56:9
“The very moment I call to you for a father’s help
the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee.
This one thing I know: God is on my side!”

Shawn Bolz

Connect with Bolz Ministries
Shawn is a TV host, an author, producer and a Christian minister. He has been leading conversations in the church, entertainment industry, and in social justice that have helped believers connect their faith to culture in a transformative way. Find out more on his website Bolz Ministries.

He is an author of several best selling books including Translating God, Keys to Heaven’s Economy, Breakthrough Prophecies, Prayers & Declarations, & Through the Eyes of Love. To purchase books and other products here.

Shawn is also the founding pastor of Expression58, a family focused church in Los Angeles California where he lives on an urban farm (@dreambigurbanfarm)with his wife, Cherie and their two daughters, 2 dogs, a cat and 6 chickens.

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Shawn Bolz Prophecy About Coronavirus
Hank Kunneman Prophecy About Coronavirus

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