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Kent Christmas – Rock Church – Prophetic Word for 2020

This is the time of the remnant, says the Lord. In 2020 I am opening heaven for my saints who have been faithful, and I am opening it with the rain of favor as Elijah was on his knees, so the cloud came, so has the remnant been in intercession but no longer will intercession come out of your mouth. But the shout of victory and triumph, the favor that I am releasing on the remnant in the next four years is coming from the secular realm and not from inside the Church. This year I am lifting off the remnant the spirit of heaviness, and I am clothing you with the garments of praise, says the Lord. When I am done blessing my faithful people, the world will envy them for the blessing that they walk under. I know how difficult it has been for the remnant to hold onto your faith the last few years, especially watching the lukewarm and the counterfeit prosper without paying the price of living by faith and sacrifice.

But know this says the Lord of hosts, what I am now releasing in the earth is going to be so glorious both spiritually and in the natural realm that you will forget the pain and suffering that you have endured. When you leave this earth, you are going to leave in victory and not in defeat. 2019 was a year of shedding things in the body of Christ, heaviness, discouragement, debt, all kinds of things says the Lord. It was a year of exchange. The first are now going to become last, and the last are now going to become first. For all my children who have sowed in tears for many years, get ready, I am drying your eyes, and now you shall reap in joy. This year, 2020, is the beginning of a last transfer of wealth in the earth. This final move of my presence in Glory is not a revival for the Church, for revival is for the lukewarm, this final harvest, and this harvest is only for the lost. This harvest is for a generation that did not reject me, did not see what they wanted, but rejected the counterfeit Church. The Church that’s going to bring in the last harvest will not look like the Church of past generation. Your pews are going to have men and women on them with dyed hair and Mohawks and tattoos and generational piercings, but they will be changed and washed by the blood of the lamb and will give me the Glory that I have so longed for in this hour. This harvest will primarily be a generation of younger men and women who have never felt the real presence of their Creator. They are going to be led by a group of men and women who have a Joshua and Caleb spirits who have had delivered in the wilderness for years with the lukewarm and the unbelieving and the rebellious, but they did not become bitter waiting on me to show up.

I have preserved their call and purpose for this time. They are not famous people or are well known in the earth, but know this; they are famous and well known in heaven and in hell. When they get on their knees and pray, the foundations of hell shake and they are the ones saith the Lord that the prophets have declared the people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits. The reason many of you have gone through great trials and sufferings, I will now explain when I got ready to release nations and blessings in great favor to Abraham, I tested him because of what I was giving him was so great. I had to know that he loved Me above all else, even above the blessings that had come from his loins. I had to know that I could trust him because what I was going to give him was greater than what any man had ever had.


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