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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » PROPHECY! The Lord Says, “I Am Unstoppable!” Plus Words for President Trump, New Young Politicians, Israel and China”, Stephen Powell

PROPHECY! The Lord Says, “I Am Unstoppable!” Plus Words for President Trump, New Young Politicians, Israel and China”, Stephen Powell


“There is great momentum behind President Trump right now. Momentum can’t be manufactured. It is a part of a spiritual movement, which in this case, is part of a move of God. This momentum enabled him to snatch the presidency from certain defeat, it enabled him to overcome the impossible, and he’ll do the same while governing. Where people believe “he won’t be able to do this, he won’t be able to do that,” this momentum and this spiritual force behind him will cause him to break through barriers others failed to break through.
I hear the Lord saying, “This man is unstoppable because I’m unstoppable. My kingdom is unstoppable, and this man has a mandate from heaven; he has momentum that is not his own. His movement will not dissipate, it will grow, and it will reach beyond the borders of American governing. It will inspire; it will stir up a nest.
“As the eagle stirs up the nest, so the Lord will do through this man. People are laughing at him, saying that his plans are too bold, his ideas are too big, that his plans will not work because after all, what president has been able to do these things before without gridlock?
But the Lord is saying, “This president shall not be in gridlock, for his strength is not his own. I have put a spirit of breakthrough on this man and on this land, and he will do things that will be monumental for the generations to come. I will use him to stir up the nest and cause this young generation of young eagles to soar.”
The Trump Effect: A New Class of Young Politicians
“Even a new class of young politicians will see and say, “I can do that, I can soar. I can be bold and be brave, and not bow to political correctness or the fear of man. I can fear God and be bold and stand up for what is right, and I can truly make a difference. For if God is for me, what senator can be against, who can resist my agenda if my agenda is not my own? These senators, these congressmen, they are just men, they are just people. Who can resist the hand of God when it is upon a nation, and God begins to stir up the nest?”
“For watch and see in this next season, as I continue to do the impossible in the face of adversity, as I continue to show you signs and wonders coming from this political sphere. There is a new faith available, a hope which I’m awakening right now, and it shall rise like the morning sun after a long dark night, and I shall rise with healing in My wings, even for the nations.
“This is My time of hope and healing, even from the womb of the morning, in the beauties of My holiness, to bring forth a new day. But no, this shall not be gridlock, for nothing shall stop this man that I have anointed for this hour.”
This Is Israel’s Time
“This is not just America’s hour, but Israel’s time as well. And this man whom I’ve chosen shall complete presidential assignments for Israel going back even to the days of the six-day war, for I the Lord have not forgotten the words I spoken to My presidents. I the Lord have not forgotten those mandates I gave to them for My chosen people Israel.
“Those mandates are still sitting here in heaven, waiting for this man to rise up and take hold of them again, and move in My breakthrough, even for My people, even for My land which lies to the east, a place of destiny for these times, a place which I shall make My peace.”
A Prophetic Word to President Trump
“The Lord would say to President Trump, “Continue to be unstoppable, for I will make you unbreakable, for even when they plot, and scheme and shrewdly construct their ways against you, I will give you the upper hand. I will give you their next moves. The enemy will not outmaneuver you, Mr. Trump, for I am with you now in this time, in this hour, to move something forward which has been stuck for years.
“Yea, even this past generation could not complete their assignment because Israel could not possess their land, just as it was in Joshua’s day. But as Joshua was preserved and matured for his hour of conquest, so have I preserved and matured you, Mr. Trump, for the time that would come to take the land.
“First you’ll lead a charge to take back your own land, a land which I’ve given for this republic which shall continue to stand. But I am the Lord, and I have purposed for My chosen people Israel to have their land, and they shall have their land, for I the Lord have spoken it, even before you were born. Israel, My chosen people, shall have their land, and nothing shall stop this.
“You, Mr. Trump, I have made unstoppable, not just for your nation but for Israel too, for you shall minister to her, you shall protect her and you shall set an agenda with her, partnering together for the next stage in My plans; and in this also you shall not be gridlocked like prior administrations have, for I am with you, and with the progress you make on the state’s side, so you will carry this unstoppable anointing across the sea.
“I have commanded My people to hear you, to heed your voice, for the frequency I’ve given you is not your own. It’s the frequency of awakening, it’s the sound of freedom, it’s a strength My people need, and they shall receive hope in this hour which will be like oxygen to their life-blood. The nation will receive fresh life again, because when you hope in Me, you receive fresh life.”
A Word for China
“And now I’ve come to deal with China, and with this nation, yes, I will deal, for they have defied Me and My words for many generations, but they will not defy Me anymore, for I have purposed a mighty harvest in the east, and in this harvest I will receive of their government, for what man can resist Me, what system can stand in the way of My advancing kingdom in this day?
“For the markets are Mine, the steel is Mine, the houses are Mine, the land is Mine. I will give My people in this land a house of glory, a house of freedom, a house of safety, yes to worship in the days to come. And I will come in like a covering father to carve out a place for My people, a place of safety, a place of refuge, for this is the day of My great refuge, even refuge for the nations,” says the Lord.
But with you, China, I will contend, and you will not be able to resist Me, for I’m calling for a new foundation in your land. It will be built on My Word, and My agenda will come forth. And just as I’ve brought men forth that would be led by My agenda in other lands, so will I bring this forth in your land, oh China. These men and women are being called forth now. They’re being harvested right now to carry My heart in high places of authority. I’m unstoppable here as well, and I will find men and women to bear My heart in this nation. I will do it. I am the Lord.” See original article HERE.
Screen Capture from White House


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