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Tidal Waves, Surge, Undertow and the Coming Glory



Tidal Waves, Surge, Undertow and the Coming Glory  

The Lord has shown many of His people a tidal wave coming.  They’ve been seen as tidal waves of God’s glory and tidal waves of destruction.  Truth is more than likely both.  When God shows up, we all bow down, big, small, important, un-important, significant, or insignificant, rich, poor, employee or employer.  All who do not bow potentially are swept away in the very thing that happens before the tidal wave, called the undertow.  Remember, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the Jesus Christ is Lord.  


Many people who see the waves on the Gulf of Mexico or an ocean near them speak of their beauty and how relaxing they are, but what many may not know is that there is a related under tow that helped build that wave and as a consequence of that wave.  The bigger the wave, the the larger the under tow and danger there is of being exhausted for fighting it, sucked under water because of it and if you don’t resurface, to die under it.  What many first timers to the ocean or the gulf discover is though the waves are beautiful and they are nice to get into, they will soon loose site of their beauty by fighting for their life in the undertow that comes along with them.  


It’s reported that the surge in the gulf or oceans as a result of a Hurricane brings more damage and destruction that the strong winds and tornadoes in a hurricane.  I’ll never forget Wave Land Mississippi where Hurricane Katrina came in.  As we walked among the neighborhoods helping those we could there were certain marks on each house.  One mark meant there were no people who died in that house and the other mark was that people died in the house from the surge and the number of people who died.  It was devastating to see, what was reported to be, seventeen foot tidal waves coming in off the Gulf of Mexico that washed over neighborhoods.   

There were people who understood the times and seasons and prepared who had marks on their homes where nobody lost their lives.  There were others who didn’t understand the times and seasons, or had no one to tell them of the times and season, to cause them to want to prepare.  This cost them and their families their lives.  The water continued to rise from the surge and some people just kept going higher and higher in their houses thinking this will end at some point.  Some even went as far as to get into their attics to get away from the flooding waters that reached their ceilings.  They thought it was safer to get into the attic than to go outside and fight the high winds and surge.  These were the people who drowned in their attics because once they got in their attics there was no way out and the water surged over their roof tops.  In some place, approximately, seven feet “above” their roof tops.  These were the houses that had a mark on the front with the number of people who died inside.  


A wise person sees danger and prepares for it, a fool keeps going and suffers for it.  Many lose their life because of being foolish and not listening to the warnings and preparing.   

It’s amazing how clear warnings become AFTER the crisis has come, but how quiet they seem to the undiscerning ear of those who “do their thing” and allow life to pass them by thinking they have everything all figured out.  There are those who a religious who feel as if their works, what they do, will protect them, which in the end they end us going out in the undertow or taken down in the surge with the others who failed to acknowledge God.  Finally, there are those who understand “THE LORD SPEAKS” and warns those who are His of what is to come and it’s their responsibility to believe God and prepare for what is coming, but is not yet seen.  Amos 3:7.   


When God was working out HIS PLAN to rescue HIS PEOPLE from their captivity in slavery under Pharoh, those who were fearful they were about to lose the control over them increased their work load.  They were already working making bricks to build Egypt, but now, Pharoah cranked up the difficulty of their work by saying, now you’ll make bricks with no straw.  You can call that an undertow as it was a consequence of the waves of deliverance God was bringing to His people.   

I’m watching everyone’s work, if they are working, in America and I’m sure the world, get harder and harder. The pressure is getting greater and greater.  There are others who bought into slavery for their future by not working at all thinking the “free things today” won’t cost them their “FREEDOM” tomorrow.  Publicly confessing, by their actions, or in action, Pharaoh [the Government] will take care of us.   

God had a wave of deliverance coming, or His people the Jews, that was going to be so big that it would take ten concurrent waves of plagues, and one last wave that would drown their enemies.  Yet, many complained of the difficulty.  They accused their leader, Moses, of causing the problems.  They created factions among God’s people.  They began saying they are better off before God showed up and sent Moses.  They actually thought Moses was causing the tidal waves and under tow, complaining against him.  They thought Moses wasn’t empathetic to their pain, to their struggle to the pressure they were under.  They didn’t want to listen to him. Little did they know, but later would find out, they were complaining against God.  They didn’t understand their times and seasons.   

Many had no idea that all this was happening because God heard their crying out to Him for deliverance.  God had heard their cry and His response was deliverance which would come in waves and have a corresponding undertow.  If they didn’t follow God, through God’s leadership, they’d would drown in the surge and be swept away in the undertow that was not meant to destroy God’s people, but the enemies of God and His people.  


Respecting the power and beauty of tidal waves, their surge and the undertow one who is wise, understands it’s not about Egypt, the nation, it’s not about the work load that has become more difficult, it’s about shifting your priorities from what they were in the last season to what they are in the current one.  When tidal waves, surge and under tow is happening the priorities it to “let everything go you have to” to not be swept away or sucked under by the current.   

You have to face the winds of the current times and seasons while others hide out in their house and attics thinking that will keep them safe. You are safer in the winds and what the winds of God bring that the corresponding tidal waves, serge, and undertow that follows.  

You can’t hold on to old ideas, old methods, Egypt [the world] ways because the current will pull on them and take you under. These seasons are times of purging.  Purging of our lives and priorities and even God’s church.  With God’s people, the church, is where it, judgment, always begins.  There are even people who are worldly, who can’t discern the times and seasons, who move in pride thinking they have it all figured out and plan on not preparing or preparing to the level they decide in their own heart rather then hearing God and preparing for exactly what He is saying is coming.  These relationships will be one’s, if you plan to survive and go with God, you will have to let go of. Why?  Because they’ll be like anchors that pull you under and the current you knew to prepare for, or even prepared for, but didn’t follow your own preparation in trying to convince others to come, goes under and dies in the current of what was meant for those who are the enemies of God and His people.  


Did you know that it’s appointed for all of us to die and then we all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ where our specific eternity is laid out for us?  We can also  die before our time because we didn’t listen to the warning voice of the Lord of what was coming and prepare.  Either way, upon an early death or a death in God’s timing, both will end up before the Judgment Seat of Christ.  What is more important than anything is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, repent from your evil ways and allow times of God’s refreshing to come upon you. Then no matter what happens in these turbulent seasons your eternity is secure.   


Though there is and will be tidal waves, surge and undertow that wants to grab all your time, attention and energy, it’s looking beyond what God is doing, the future, that will get you through this difficult time and season.  God’s intentions were to use the waves to destroy the Jews enemies and then allow the waves to sweep His people out into what He would build called the Tent of Meetings.  It was “THE PLACE” where God’s people would “MEET HIM.”  Wow, all that was to have a relationship with God.  God wanted to introduce Himself to His people as their Father, healing, deliverer, provider and so much more. 


God has taken me into the future, allow me to see and walk through, the Tent of Meetings [the meeting place] that He will established at some point through all this process where He will call the multitude of people to Himself to introduce Himself to them as their Father.  I’m not saying that everyone will accept Him or accept the way to Him, which is through Jesus Christ, His Son and our Lord, but they will be given a chance to. 

I was there, God took me into the future,  He allowed me to walk in the future where people are gathered from many different nations to be with God.  His glory will rest upon all who are there.  It will be the most awesome place for the times and seasons for we were designed to be in the glory presence of God.   

He has shown me angels going out to groups of Christians, His people, who among them were certain people who had revival in their heart.  They know the work required for revival and would be honored to work in the revival while the multitude comes to meet God for the first time or to return to Him.  There will be an angel(s) who will gather an army of revival workers, who will be chosen out of many different groups of Christians, and they will march into the Tent of Meetings to work at the leadership of the Lord and serve the Lord and those who have come to meet God for the first time.   


The future is awesome and I want to arrive at the future the Lord has shown me and I hope that you do as well.  Moses, a friend of God, got to look from afar at the Promise Land, but wasn’t allowed in because of His response to a rebellious people which resulted in him wrongly displaying before God’s people that Jesus would have to be crucified or beat all over again.  I know that might not fit your theology, and I don’t have time to explain.  Jesus was the Rock where water came out of to quench the thirst of His people. Their rebellion and complaining got the best of Moses, which is easy for any of us to respond the same way, and he hit the rock twice.   

God knows who we are.  He knows His people, their sins and the difficult responsibility it for those who asks to lead His people.  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  God loved us first before we knew Him.  It’s so important for us to realize, that other people do not determine our future in God.  It’s important for us to understand it’s God they are rejecting not us or our leadership.  God will deal with His people, it’s for us to lead the one’s who will follow and to do what God says in response.   

Don’t allow the current time and seasons of tidal waves, surge and undertow cause you to treat God’s people wrongly, or to disobey God out of your anger towards those who are stubborn and stiff-necked.  Don’t allow those who blame you for their current difficulty or who are accusing you of being un-empathetic to their current struggles and pressure brought on by the tidal waves of God’s deliverance prevent you from following the Lord or cause you to have misguided anger.   

Let God know you want to be a part of His future plans.   Join me in looking to the future of us all who respond to the calling of the Lord will be in, the Tent of Meetings, to encouraging you and help you prioritize what you have to to survive the surge and undertow.     

I’m not giving you any specific timing, but I am telling you what is in the future for those who hold on and learn to ride the waves, face the winds and refuse to hold on to anyone or anything that will suck them under with the undertow or drown them in the serge.

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