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THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! Praying in English vs Praying in Tongues


It so incredibly encouraging to have people who have lived life, and seen the faithfulness of the Lord do great and mighty things in their lives, to walk alongside us and share their lives with us. In this exciting moment, Greg Lancaster continues his conversation with longtime friend and brother in the Lord, Jack Hollis and talks about the important difference of praying in tongues, versus praying in English.

Jack has preached messages on the power of praying in tongues many times, and he likes to uses an applicable analogy to illustrate the difference. All of us, at one time or another, have received a sub-standard grade on a report card, and dreaded that moment of having to present our failing evaluation to our parents. Praying in English can often sound like this, “Father change this thing to at least a C or a B. If you don’t, daddys gonna kill me.” Even after praying, the report card still shows an F. In the same situation, when he prays in tongues, it actually sounds more like this, when interpreted; “God, I got this F legitimately. I lollygagged around, didn’t do my work, didn’t study, and I deserved this. But, at least let daddy be merciful.” As Jack points out, “that’s the difference of praying in tongues versus praying in English.”


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