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Who Is Your Handler?


Police Dogs, K-9’s, German shepherds. I never was a K-9 officer when I was in law enforcement, but I worked closely with some who were. That is when I developed a soft spot in my heart for German shepherds. K-9 officers always brought their dogs into the muster room with us as we all got our BOLO’s and district assignments, told, and listened to a few good jokes, passed on leadership tips from our sergeant, lieutenant, captain and sometimes the sheriff, but mostly our sergeant and lieutenant. There was nothing more pleasant than to see one of our shepherds coming through the muster room door and getting a chance to pet them.

It was so amazing to watch the loyalty of each K-9 to its assigned K-9 officer, handler. They always listened and watched for any cue their handler would give. No matter who was in the room, or what was happening on any traffic stop or crime scene it was their handler that they watched ready to do exactly as their handler told them. They spent endless hours in training with their shepherd’s, their K-9’s. The dogs would even live with their handler. It was like a forever bond. It reminded me of a “boy and his dog” stories where they were BFF, best friends forever.

Depending on the life of the dog and the handler sometimes they would retire the dog and the handler got to have them for the rest of their “dog’s life” which sad to say, is not as long as ours.  I had a German shepherd named Max. I miss him. His life came to an end, but his memory lives on. They say 12-13 years is an average of how long a shepherd would live.

There came times though when for some reason a K-9 Officer would have to give up their dog. Maybe it was a promotion, a transfer, or just not being able to meet all the requirements for the demand with all the training it takes to continue with their schedule, but in the end, the officer would give up their loyal police dog.

You’d think, wow, that dog was so connected to its handler, there is no way another officer could come in and become its new handler.  It just seemed, to the unknowledgeable eye, that that would be impossible. Yet, it not only is possible, it is done all the time. Shocker, right! I thought that dog was loyal to that one officer for ever, but not so fast.

This is what I understand takes place when they prepare a police dog to let go of one long time handler, to openly receive and be just as dedicated to a new officer to handle them.

They would take the shepherd, for instance, away from its long-time handler and put it in isolation where it would not see anyone, especially not who and what they were used to.  I guess you could compare it to how American’s have been “handled” in the last 24 months.  They would isolate the dog for a time, locked off from anyone (or few).  Then, after an extended time, they would have the new handler start coming in to feed the dog.  Over a period of time, with the police dog seeing “this is where my provision comes from now” they’d develop a loyalty to this new handler.  Before long, it was like their previous officer that handled them never existed and they were now loyal to this new officer who feeds and takes care of them.  If you forget they are animals with only animal instincts you might become offended.  It is important not to take it personally if they once seemed loyal to you as their previous handler.

In time, that police dog, say German shepherd, had a new BFF, this new officer was their new best friend and was just as loyal to this new one as they were to the previous one.

Sad, to say, many people are this way. They are driven by their animal instincts, just like these animals we called dogs, as spoken of in Jude 10 “These people slander whatever they do not understand, and the very things they do understand by instinct—as irrational animals do—will destroy them.”

We, as Americans, are “being handled” and many have been put in isolation and there has been a constant “one thing after another” to get many Americans to forget “how good things were” and how they were “handled” prior to all the chaos and isolation.

We are not animals, we are not dogs, yet we all have animal instincts.  We could easily give into them and just go where we are being fed, who pays us the most, where our bodies get the most satisfaction and follow that instinct, but we are more than a body. We are spirits (formed in the image of God), that have bodies, which possess a soul. Those who are sons of God, follow the Spirit of God, with their spirit. They renew their soul (what they think, want, and feel) and do their best, by God’s grace, not to follow their flesh (natural animal instincts).

It is difficult to say no to something that will make your flesh more comfortable or better off, yet, those who are led by the Spirit of God and not “handled” by men who seek to manipulate them by their animal instincts, truly live a life filled with great freedom, even if they are persecuted because of their refusal to respond to “handlers” who demand their obedience.

Communism and socialism are the greatest temptation to a person’s animal instinct. The promises being made by those who seek to be a nations “handlers” (masters) promise so many things that in theory makes one’s flesh think it can find rest and a “happy ever after.”

Remember 100, 100, 100!

There are over 100 NATIONS, who has attempted this in the last 100 YEARS and there were over 100 MILLION KILLED because of it. This proves every one of them were making promises they cannot deliver.  God will not let “a handler” take His creation under “their hands.”  The thing is, once you choose to make them your handler, that will be the last choice you will get to make.  That is a choice that says, “I give you my freedom” now “feed me.”

God offers a person freedom. Freedom from our sin. Freedom under His leadership. The adversary calls God’s freedom captivity and his captivity, freedom. Jesus came to set us free! Those who seek to take your freedom are not being led by God, but by your adversary. For He who the Son sets free, is free indeed!

Have you been tempted to change your handlers? Have you been being handled? Are you even scared to talk about such a matter because of what the proposed handlers are threatening? Remember, it is for freedom’s sake that Christ has set you free.

God does not “handle” anyone, He leads them by His Spirit. It is time for those who are followers of Jesus Christ to once again be “led by the Spirit of God.” For that is the kind of freedom that will lead a nation to the freedom God intended for America to have. One nation, under God, indivisible, and FREEDOM (Liberty) for all!



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