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Home » Kent Christmas prophesied what is going to take place in 2022 and 2023.

Kent Christmas prophesied what is going to take place in 2022 and 2023.

Kent Christmas prophesied what is going to take place in 2022 and 2023.

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Rough Auto Transcript Below

Even as john the Baptist herald the


of Jesus Christ

so did i raise the prophets in this hour

not to deliver you but to declare the


of the line of Judah

you know this says God my arm is not

short that it cannot reach

and my ear is not death that i have not

heard the cry of my people

that is ascended up into glory

and even now says the Lord there is a


in the spirit realm

i have changed the position

that i occupy in the earth

for the rest of this year says the Lord


is now loosed out of heaven in the earth

and up until now there has not been the


of the glory

and the sovereign power of God

within my houses across the earth

because there is still been the lukewarm

that has mixed the atmosphere

but i say unto thee that now i have lost

a declaration out of heaven to the angel


remove remove remove

the lukewarm

those that have set in rebellion

those that have mocked in their heart

the declarative word that the prophets

have released

and all now says the Lord on the right

hand and on the left hand judgment is

now coming to the house of the Lord

this year

2022 shall be known says the Lord as the

year of death

and all the righteous will not be

touched says God

but in this hour i am now removing the

hindrances that have set in my sanctuary

says the Lord

and when i am done there will only be a

pure stream of the glory and of the

anointing of God

do not intercede says the Lord

for some that will be removed will be

those that you have called friends

but you did not know their hearts and

secretly they stood in opposition to my

purpose in my hand in the house of the


when i am done says God

2023 will start with the death of world

leaders in the United States and not

just in the united states but in other

cities and other nations around the


the acceleration of the kingdom of God

will so increase

the day

2023 dawns

that because i am cleansing the house

this year

there is going to be release the

supernatural and the miraculous in the

kingdom of the Lord for many of my

servants have not been able to operate

in my glory because of diseases and


there are even those that even now have

been used by me end times past and

Alzheimer’s has taken their ability to

be cognitive

but i say unto thee that my glory is

even going to touch

saints and it looks like their days are

over but the anointed of the power of

God is going to restore back unto them

and they shall stand hallelujah

platforms and they will declare the

sayeth the Lord and they will look from

the right and to the left and say how

can this be

there will be such an incredulous

understanding says the Lord in the body

of Christ that you will wonder Lord what

is this do you not know that my word has

to be fulfilled before i can come back

it has been the unfilled prophecies it

has been the unfilled word of the Lord

that has not yet been fulfilled

that has kept me from coming back

but when 2024

comes to an end i will say that you will

look and say surely the Lord’s glory has

covered the face of the earth be not

moved by what you see i reverse roe

versus wade just to show you that when

the enemy looked like he was in control

and it was impossible

i made them reverses says God before i

am done says the Lord every state in the

union that says we will not bow down to

this federal ruling I’m going to loose

hurricanes I’m going to loose

earthquakes I’m going to loose natural

disasters on these states says God

because every knee is going to bow and

every tongue shall confess

that Jesus Christt is the Lord of glory

this is not about your strength i honor

you for your prayer and i honor you for

your faith but now this is about me and

the devil and just as he opposed me in

heaven i kicked him out just as he

opposed me in the wilderness and i

defeated him with the word of the Lord

the third time saith God will be the

final battle even Armageddon will pale

in comparison says the Lord to what

shall take place in the spirit of the

holy ghost and those that have put me in

a back room and have lock me up i will

now lock you up says the Lord how dare

you to say that i am not God how dare

you take part of me says the Lord and

put me in a back room if you have been

ashamed of me i will deny you before the

father and now says the Lord because you

have been ashamed of me i will be

ashamed of you but to the remnant says

God you have no idea the storehouses of

heaven now saith the Lord i am telling

the angels open them up open them up

open them up and for the rest of this

year sayeth called up i am gonna cause

the riches and the glory that have been

in the storehouses of heaven to begin to

be released up upon the remnant and all

that the enemy has had all the luxuries

all of the delicacies that they have had

at jezebel’s table with one hand i am

wiping off the table of jezebel and i

tell you this that i raise the profits

because it will take a prophet anointing

up to deal with the jezebel rebellious

spirit and this day saith God i loose a

judgment against the spirit of jezebel

that is ruled in the nations up from

Canada to Australia i loose the word of

the Lord to save the saith the Lord let

my people go if they will not let my

people go say it God because i have

loosened mosses in this hour if you will

not release my people and reverse your

judgments and your declarations i am

going to send such judgment that the

ears will tingle up and what you are

hearing up for decades I’ve been silent

in the house of the Lord and i am not

moved because there has been so much

opposition done but this is a different

hour this is not just another move this

is not a teaching movement this is not a

healing movement this is not a prophetic

movement this is not a charismatic

movement but this is a movement saith

God to usher in the very final harvest

and from all over the world i am going

to begin to gather out of the fields of

the souls of men they will come in so

fast they will come in so quickly that

you will say what do we do the Lord says

i am expanding your houses up i am

expanding your barns because there has

to be an addition built on for the

harvest that’s coming in to the house of

the Lord

never again saith God will i allow men

to stand on my platforms that are

unclean and unholy no this said even

this shira there will be men that will

drop dead on their platforms up because

i told them to repent and they would not

and they said God does not see you do

you not know

that i am God i am not like you up i am

sovereign you did not make me up i made

you up you do not dictate to me what i

dictate to you

i am the Lord and to the remnant of this

hour saith God i say rejoice your

weepiness over and day has come up upon

the house of the Lord

expect expect expect saith God

for the heavens to be opened upon thee

because i thy God declare this day

there is a shift in the holy ghost and

it will not be reversed saith the Lord


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