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Remembering Our History: The Tuttle Twins Way


It has been said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. There are people demonstrating in the streets picketing against the beliefs of America. Many of these have been trained up and educated in America’s school system. Is America’s true, authentic history being taught? Or is it a revised history that neglects the authentic values and realities of our nation’s history? Is there a reliable source that not only teaches America TRUE history, and is also applicable to our growing children? YES! TUTTLE TWINS!   

America: How We Got Here & How We Stay Here Series

Learn how it was a passion to worship God freely that led Christians to come to America.  Learn how it was getting the Bible in the hands of the common man that brought men to a personal relationship with God and a passion to cross the oceans for a new life and start a new nation we know now as the United States of America.

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