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Revival Breaks Out Lee University “Asbury Revival is a Green Light for the Earth!”


Lee University, in Cleveland, Tennessee, has seen the “Green Light” for Revival in the Earth as is has cross into the intersection of God with man in 2023 along with Asbury University Revival. Watch in the video below, what has begun at Lee University starting February 2023! Look what the Lord has done!

Yes, Lee University has a rich history of revival. Lee University is a Christian university affiliated with the Church of God denomination, and the campus has been the site of many revivals and spiritual awakenings over the years. The university has a deep commitment to spiritual growth and Christian service, and its mission is to develop students who are knowledgeable, responsible, and spiritually mature.

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One of the most significant revivals in the history of Lee University took place in 1948, when evangelist Jack Coe visited the campus and held a series of revival services. The meetings were marked by powerful preaching, passionate singing, and intense prayer, and many students and faculty members reported experiencing a deep spiritual awakening during this time.

In the decades since then, Lee University has continued to hold regular revivals and spiritual retreats, and many students have reported experiencing personal transformation and spiritual renewal during these events. The university also places a strong emphasis on Christian service and missions, and many students have gone on to become pastors, missionaries, and other types of Christian leaders after graduation.

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