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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Word for America, “I’m not finished with you America!” November 1, 2023 Charlie Shamp

Word for America, “I’m not finished with you America!” November 1, 2023 Charlie Shamp

"I will uncover this hidden plot" to take down America, "A Giant sent to bring terror" "Turn Around in a Single Day!"


A Prophetic Declaration Over America from Charlie Shamp

“I hear the spirit of the Lord say. Have they not assembled? They’re giants to strike fear in you America. Have they not placed cells to terrorize you? Have they not infiltrated you? Through cells of sickness to try to bring death and demise to your nation. Have they not terrorized you? Through sickness in the previous season.

The Unseen Battle and the Promise of Exposure

Listen to Me all America. For they feed you another lie. That there is something that’s hidden. That would terrorize and torment you again. For have they not assembled another giant, says the Lord. To try to bring a downfall to the nation, but I will says the Lord uncover this hidden plot. Even watch look to the East Coast. Look to the East Coast of America. For I will uncover a giant, says the Lord that was sent to strike terror. To bring another 911 into your nation again, but I will uncover this plot and I will reveal this enemy and the reality of its weakness says God in comparison to me.

Intercession and the Seed of Revival

For as you lift up your voice and you intercede the seed of revival will be planted and will spring up. For they say, shall there not be an Arab Spring  on American soil. Have we not planted a giant that will grow and break the American spirit. The spirit of the Lord says look to the East Coast, even to the Keystone State [Pennsylvania] for there be something that will be uncovered, says the Lord, that will takedown this giant that will remove him and it will be a sign that the cells of terrorism will no longer torment the nation and bring it into despair.

A Nation’s Resilience and Restoration

For I will bring a turn around in a single day, says the Lord and this eagle shall fly. Thought they looked and saw this eagle and said is it not weak is. Is it not broken. But I say to you I’ve only hidden you for a season. In The Cave of Despair. You went in, but I’ll bring you out strong again, says the Lord, as you shall soar to higher heights than you’ve ever seen.

A Decade of Transformation and Technological Advancements

For such transformation will take place even over the next 10 years, says the Lord, of new technologies advancements coming out of this nation. Other countries will begin to see that my anointing is still upon you, America. My hand is still on this country.

Revival in the Heartland

For there are those that have walked before Me in this nation. That their bodies lay as seeds in the ground, but their revival shall spring up again. For did I not use [Charles] Finney? For is his body not buried in Ohio. Watch and see what I’m going to do in Ohio? Sure, for I’m releasing heaven. I am releasing a fire and the fields shall catch fire in Ohio, says the Lord. The field shall catch fire. In Ohio, says God. The fields shall burn. But watch his souls come in. A burning passion will spring up and even tent pegs will go into the ground. Even tents will come up. As heaven comes down. And fields will be full, says the Lord of souls coming to Me.

The Third Great Awakening vs. The Whispers of War

For you’ve seen what I did in the second Great Awakening, but it will not be in comparison to what I will do. In this third  for there is a whisper that has been sent out of hell that there shall be a third World War, but the Lord says pray and fast. Intercede unto Me. For while the world wants to rage, I will bring a third great awakening in the nation.

A Resurrection Over Despair

And the fields will be full. Even as your fields have been stricken. Even as your streets have been filled with fentanyl and death is stricken upon the cities of your nation, I will bring a resurrection. I will bring a resurrection. Even of those that are down, depressed and broken, suicidal and feel as though there’s no purpose in life. I will bring deliverance and I will break the power of drug addiction. Even as your borders have been filled with those sent with fentanyl. The Lord says I will build up the border. And break this demonic spirit and drive it back to where it came from.

A Nation Redeemed and Testimonies Anew

And you’ll see many come to Me. You’ll see many turn to Me. You’ll see those that could never be saved by religious standards begin to be raised up and give their testimony. For I’m not finished with you, America. Is this not the land of the pioneer. Is this not the land of the great frontier?

The Fires of Revival and Reckoning

Look to Me tor I’m lengthening your chords. I’m stretching out your stakes.  I’m listing The Tabernacle of praise, so there’s going to be a fire that’s going to come out, of even the state of Ohio. Out of Columbus. The Tabernacle will burn again, says the Lord. The fire. The glory. A revival? A reckoning upon the enemy, says God.”

Destiny Encounters International

Charlie Shamp 

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