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S.O.S. A Tale of Two Kings, by Greg Lancaster



It was so hard for those on the Titanic to come to the realization that they weren’t unsinkable, that they were under distress.   Yet, once they began to sink, they had no problem sending out the distress call on their telegraph “S.O. S.!”  In this teaching you’ll hear about what Father God spoke to Brother Greg Lancaster in a dream about America, prior to what is taking place today.  You’ll also see how Israel became under distress and Father God was sending through His prophet a distress call, S. O. S.. This S. O. S. wasn’t about a sinking ship, but about a sinking nation.  It wasn’t about a distress call where destruction was eminent; it was a choice Father God was giving His people.  It was a choice between two Kings.  Find out how the church today needs to make this same choice.  Find out how Father God is sending out a distress call, through His prophets, to His people today, S.O.S.  You’ll find out in this teaching S.O.S. is about His people making a choice of either Samuel OR Saul not Samuel AND Saul.

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