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Home » Don’t Close Your Jaw, When it Comes to Expressing Love

Don’t Close Your Jaw, When it Comes to Expressing Love

     LISTEN NOW! In this moment of Wisdom found in Proverbs 27:5, “Better is an open rebuke than hidden love.”  Greg shares how so many people assume that others know they love them and are shocked when someone challenges them or expresses to them that they don’t feel they are loved by them.  Many fathers that work hard bringing provision home for their families feel they are loving on their children while at the same time placing little or no effort in pronouncing the words to their children, “I love you.”   Children who crave love from their parents and especially from their father’s, if they feel unloved will go to extremes to get a reaction from their father’s which ends with open rebukes coming from them.  Often times, this leaves the father confused because he doesn’t understand that his children want to know or feel that their father notices them; that they matter and that they are loved by him.

Courtesy of Ruslan Guzov/

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