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Home » Does Misfortune Follow some people?

Does Misfortune Follow some people?


LISTEN NOW! In this moment of wisdom found in Proverbs 13:21 “Misfortune pursues the sinner, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous.” John and Pat discuss  how they have noticed from either their own experiences or observation of others how some people seem to fall into continual bad luck.  It seems as soon as they get out of one trial or unfortunate circumstance they step right into another.  They continue to discuss how one who has chosen not to follow God or His ways should be surprised by this continual misfortune.  God through his word has told us how we should live and a like attempted to live independent of Jesus in our lives has consequences.  On the contrast blessings follow those who have made Jesus the Lord of their lives and obey what God instructs them to do.  God blesses and prospers those who belong and honor Him.



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