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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/26/12


LISTEN NOW! Sharing Christmas with Family

Greg, John, and Pat share how they shared Christmas with their families.  John shared how he enjoyed going into Manhattan over the holidays with his family to look at lights and other sights.  Greg shared how he enjoyed eating meals with his family and the fun time he had with his grandchildren and Pat enjoyed time with his family.

    What do Tragedies Tell Us?
Greg shares on how Christmas day bad storms that included tornado’s, ripped off roofs and caused a lot of damage.  He goes on to say how so much tragedy has come upon us lately and so many are trying to figure out why. Jesus counseled his disciples when they had similar questions regarding tragedy in their day.  Tragedies show us that life is not forever, the question is, where we will be if we were to lose our life in the tragedy.  Would we be with God?

 Has God Changed or Have we changed?
Greg asked as a question.  Has God changed or have we changed? The quest for knowledge is not the same as the quest for the knowledge of God.  Greg, John, and Pat continued to ask what would a generation of men of God in the past like Leonard Ravenhill  and Jonathan Edwards think about the status of much of the church today.  If the church today would take ten steps back and then draw the line would they even think the Church even knows God.  God has not changed. 

     Cracked Pots that Give Glory to God

Pat shares and abiding moment from 2 Corinthians 4:3-7 how as believers we have God’s light shining in us but the way the light shines through our cracked pot/ jars of clay is through the cracks.  Pat shares that we may be tempted to cover the “cracks”, our weaknesses, but it’s our weaknesses that actually allow God’s light to shine through us.  So many people can relate to someone who is real and allows their cracks to be seen so that the light of God may shine through to them.




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