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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 2/15/13


    Whoever has the biggest Straw Wins; Water going to be the new oil?


Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent report from NASA that states that water will be the new oil.  Water will be even a more precious resource than is today.  They continue to encourage us to partner with those who are bringing wells for water for those who do not have access.

Meteorite hits Russia

Greg, John, and Pat share regarding the meteorite that hit Russia last night.  Many cameras captured the effects of this meteorite that was traveling 33, 000 miles per hour. They continue to speak about how fragile life is.



    Carnival Cruise Ship finally Docks


Greg, John, and Pat discuss about the Carnival cruise ship finally docking at Mobile, Alabama after being stranded for four days at sea with no running water. It is being reported that sewage and waste was running down the walls.  People were getting sick and set up make shift tents on the deck of the ship because the stench was so bad.  It was said that some gathered together to pray that the ship would not sink and go down. 




    Less people becoming farmers,  Food now travels 1500 miles from Farm to Plate


Greg, John and Pat discuss how less people are becoming farmers.  The Blaze reports an interview that Glenn Beck had with investor Jim Rogers in which they discuss how farming in on the decline around the world


The average age of a farmer in America is 58, Japan 66 and in Australia 58.  Jim Roger who is an investor has been discouraging students from pursing an MBA and study agriculture instead as it is still a very profitable industry and predicts that over the next 10 to 20 years it will be one of the great professions.  Right now it is being said that on average food travels 1500 miles from the farm to your plate.  They continue to share a prophetic word from John Paul Jackson about digging up streets in large cities for gardening. 



    Evangelical Christianity growth rate more than doubles the population growth rate of the World


Greg, John, and Pat discuss worldwide mission trends based from a study conducted by Pew Research, Barna Research and the Joshua project.  The study found that the overall the global population growth rate is 1.2% a year.  In terms of religion:


Buddhism is growing at 1.3%


Hinduism is growing at 1.2%


Islam is growing at 1.9%


Christianity is growing at 1.2 %


Evangelical Christianity is growing at 2.67%


CBN continues to report the downside to this is that 86% of Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims and tribal peoples do not know one single Christian.


The study continues to state that in America a majority of Christians are biblically illiterate.  They continue to discuss a recent article in Charisma Magazine that talks about the a prophetic declaration spoken by Reinhard Bonnkhe in Vero Beach Florida in early February of 2013 that “All of America Shall be Saved”.  They continue to speak about believing for a great awakening and the importance of preaching repentance from sin.


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