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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour Marc 22, 2013



      President Obama’s sets up Israel with United Nations
Greg, John, and Pat discuss President Obama’s speech to the Jewish people in Israel.  The President’s speech ends in great disappointment as he tells them that they will have to go through the United Nations to work out peace in the Middle East.  In the beginning of the speech Greg, John, and Pat sounded hopeful and encouraged by many of the things President Obama said regarding Israel and America’s unwavering commitment to Israel but towards the end of the speech it became sadly apparent that the President was setting up Israel to work with the U.N.to broker peace with countries that have aligned themselves against Israel.   A body of countries that have formed a voting block against Israel and have unjustly and unmeritedly waged sanctions towards Israel.  The President also encouraged the young people he addressed to join “the wave of revolution” and dictate to their leaders the change that is required.  We are seeing Joel 3:1-3 happening right before us which says anyone who does harm to Israel, scatters their people and divides their land will be put on trial by God.  We continue to stand and encourage Christians to stand and pray for the continual blessing and protection of Israel. 

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