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Maturing in Your Walk with GOD

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss hot it’s time to grow up.   They continue to share how when babies are just a few months old and all they have to do is give a small smile and everyone gets excited.  Babies do very little to excite and every bit of their lives results in our praise.  However, as the baby grows up and becomes a child things shift because there are now expectations.  There are few things worse seeing than a grown child or adult acting like a baby.  They continue to share that this is a result of a weak transition from baby to child and or the refusal of the person to simply grow up and take responsibility for their life.  They share how this is an unfortunate picture of what is happening in America.   They continue to share the value of having someone in your life that would love you enough to walk along side of you and help you with areas in your life so that you can grow up in the things of God.  This can only happen if you draw close to the body of Christ and walk along side others. 


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