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Living in your Enemies Crosshairs


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LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Chris imagined what it would be like to live with a constant awareness and understanding that you are living under a perpetual threat from the enemy.  They discuss what it would be like to be in public gatherings, parks, and outdoor events with the constant awareness of your vulnerability in the face of your enemy and the damage that can be done to you, your family, and fellow man.  This is exactly what Israelis face every day from Islamists who hate them with a passion, to the point they are willing to lose their own lives to take theirs.  They continue to discuss a recent interview by CBN with the author of the book Saturday People, Sunday People which chronicles the Islamist assault on Jews “Saturday People” because they worship on Saturday and Christians “Sunday People”  because they worship on Sunday.  They continue to discuss how America and in particular Christians cannot become desensitized to the Jewish plight because we as Christians are next.  They also shared how this is a perfect picture of what the devil does every day and how his mission statement is to kill, steal, and destroy; John 10:10.  The church must be united if we are going to stand as one against the attacks of the devil waged against Christians and Jews.

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