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WATCH! VFNtv June 5, 2014



Teacher Facilitates Vulgar Awards Ceremony at High School, Parent Shocked, report say (Parental Guidance Suggested)
PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED! Greg, Pat and John share about the surprising way that a Washington High School drama teacher decided to award her students. With so many ways that parents are trying to raise their children, there are direct contradictions to these happening in schools. School board representatives are also elected leaders. It is important to honor their leadership. But, if leadership is not concerned about children or the parents, decisions can be made at election time. Find out more of what is happening in our schools and what we can do in response.

12 Year Old Girls Stabbed “best friend” 19 times Reportedly because of “Slenderman”
   Greg, John, and Pat share about another happening of darkness in our schools. Is there are an underlying cause to this? How are our children getting access to much? Was it actions such as these that caused the flood to come in Noah’s time? Find out what is going on and how you can take a front seat role in your children’s activities. Also shared in this segment: stabbing, ABC News, Wikipedia, molech, and technology. 

The 4th Amendment Still Matters, Teens Reminds Congress Woman Nancy Pelosi: You have a Right to Privacy, right?
   Greg, Pat and John share about an educated man that questioned the decisions of Nancy Pelosi. We cannot question the decision of our leaders if we do not know the very rights that these actions may or are affecting. Every American citizen has certain unalienable rights and when sworn into certain leadership roles, an obligation to protect those rights. Find what details these rights and they are being impacted. Also shared in this segment: NSA, 9/11, Bush Administration, corporations, and green bill.

Is America the RICH YOUNG RULER Jesus spoke about?
   Greg, Pat and John share about how a certain rich man responded to the words of Jesus. What happened when Jesus walked in physical form may surprise you when you look at what is happening in our present day. How does America compare? Is it similar, different, or worse? What can we do in moments like this? Find out how applicable the words of Jesus are in present day and so much more. Also shared in this segment: poor, murdering, stealing, and sorrow.


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