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Made in Israel-distributed to the Nations- Israel Blesses the World through Medicine

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John continue the discussion of the multi-video production, produced by CBN that takes the eyes of the world through an intimate journey of the blessings that are within Israel; this time regarding technological advancements. From medical pressure dressings, to progressive movements to cure cancer, Israel is making giant leaps. Scientists are developing technology to pinpoint the early signs of cancer: through smell. Those suffering from being paralyzed can once again feel the height and joy of walking again with the invention of “the rewalk” that has now gone global. It is this very invention that gave the ability to a woman to successfully complete the 26 mile London Marathon. These are just a few inventions being developed in the land of Israel. It is only for selfish reasons that one would want to come against Israel. To want to destroy Israel, is to want to destroy the answer to curing cancer, is to destroy the ability of giving sight to the blind. As the church, we must stand with Israel. It’s time for Jews and those in the church to stand together.  Be encouraged as you enjoy this perspective of Israel, and so much more.  Also shared in this segment: cancer, diabetes, braille, bionic eye, colonoscopy, tumors, Israel, and blessings.


CBN’s “Made in Israel-Medicine”
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